We’re working diligently to bring you an improved look with new, creative content. Photo by Designecologist (Pexels)

Hello all you loyal BoomerGal followers:

As you know, we have been absent for several weeks as we work through a myriad of changes to our website.  Hopefully, they will all bring the desired outcome—a more enjoyable and information filled reading experience.

We will be back in early May, provided we can successfully navigate our way through the various alterations.  We had hoped to use a web designer but all those efforts failed either due to outrageous expense or flat incompetence—they completely oversold their services.  So, we have been trying to do all this on our own without a great deal of technical expertise.  And we’re almost there.

I can tell you, none of what we have been attempting to accomplish would have been possible without WordPress.  Their library of resources and their customer service follow up have been outstanding, every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more from our BoomerGal blogs.