The World Is Spinning In So Many Different Directions:  How Do We Navigate It?

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 We’ve been there, we’ve seen a lot, we’ve experienced even more, and we have so much insight and wisdom to share.  We’re now the best generation.

With this greeting, we trust you are having a great summer.  Needless to say, these are very interesting times we’re living in.  Please make the best of what we have.

We (my BoomerGuy and our contributors) are going to navigate these times right along with you, and together, we will survive these incredibly tumultuous times.  Remember the song by Bob Dylan, “these times they are a changin’.”

We will aim to bring you inspiration and mindfulness and to keep us all relevant and thriving each week better than the last week.

To that end, we are looking for contributors and creators to enhance our blog.  In my opinion, it’s never enough to be the sole author, so having a source of original and visionary writers will do everything to add value to BoomerGal.  In general, I’m interested in how you’re thriving as a Boomer.  We all have a life-time full of experiences, so let’s share them with our community.  More specifically, here are several topics that you might wish to share along with delightful photographs. 

Fashion + Gardening + Travel + Your Pets + Home Improvement

If you’re interested, please submit a brief bio and a couple of paragraphs covering your interests and passions.  Please no political or overly religious articles.  We intend to sustain our content with mainstream messages of kindness, meaningfulness, health and happiness. 

We have so many wonderful sunsets ahead of us. Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva (Pexels)

This is your source for all things Boomer.  BoomerGal will continue to bring helpful tips, inspiration, and ways to navigate this aging process.  As we have never been at this age before.  And how the heck did we get here so quickly.  Everything we do is centered on keeping our Boomer readership RELEVANT. 

Your BoomerGal Connie.