The Holidays Are Already Upon Us, Be Kind and Get Ready

Although winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, 2022, the “winter solstice,” the season is nonetheless upon us.  On that date, our day is the shortest of the year and the longest night of the year.  The leaves have fallen, and in some parts of the country we already have snow. As we transition from fall to this lovely winter season, we at BoomerGal want you to get prepared for what might be a very interesting upcoming time of year, with two of our major holidays just around the corner.

So, exactly what does this new season look like right now, and what can you do to enjoy its riches.

  • Holiday shopping has begun in earnest. The supply chain has eased slightly, but it’s a game of chance out there finding the best products and gifts for the best price.  As I put it, the SCAVENGER HUNT is alive and well.
  • With the pandemic in the rear-view mirror (hopefully), people are out and about spreading their wings in tribute to a lifestyle we once knew and cherished.
  • Restaurants, airlines, and hotels are bursting at the seams. We should know, we just took a trip from southern California to the great Midwest and people were out and about celebrating life.  The cities, roadways, neighborhoods were bustling.  And businesses everywhere are competing to do a better job on behalf of their customers.
  • Sporting events are in full swing. We just finished with the World Series and now college and professional football are just about halfway through their season, basketball is on TV virtually every day, hockey is just a slapshot away, and tennis and golf are making their comebacks for the new season.
  • Here in SoCal we noticed people are taking their time to be kind. I think it comes from being thankful that we survived the pandemic so they’re not afraid to reach out and touch with kindness and mindfulness.  How refreshing.
  • We’re still in a drought, in fact, much of the nation including the Midwest has been struggling with a lack of water. However, Mother Nature is coming to the rescue once again and offering up her reservoir of moisture to help alleviate the strain of irrigating crops, ample drinking water, and beautifying our lands.  We’ll be fine.  Just look around at the wonder, in fact we have snow-capped mountains right out our back patio, the best way my BoomerGuy and I like to experience the snow, from a distance.     
  • Amazon has found its way into almost every household world-wide with their amazing selection of items. Even a much older lady said she was heading to Amazon because she can’t find what she used to buy in the stores.  And you can now order groceries and food to be delivered through various services right to your front door, without leaving the house.  It’s like an electronic version of a personal shopper.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget all the upcoming family gatherings and dinners, and if you’re so inclined starting with the “granddaddy” of all meals, Thanksgiving. Alternatively, I’ve found many folks willing to forego the large preparation this season for dinner out at their favorite upscale restaurants and hotels.

Some things new and some things the way they were.  Both are fine as we enter this winter season of 2022.  Whatever you do, don’t sit back and enjoy it!  Get up, go out, go forth, and enjoy all that you dream about.  Hopefully BoomerGal will help you achieve a few of your goals and dreams through our insights of inspiration and encouragement.

Your Number One BoomerGal Connie.