“Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For”

Hello Boomers and Seniors of all ages.  I chose the photo above to instill a sense of awakening and Mother Nature’s way of reopening and inspiring a new day, in this case with beautiful California poppies.


Is America giving up on the coronavirus?  At this point, I’m not sure what to believe except that while we may wish to ignore the virus, I don’t think the coronavirus is done with us just yet.  I am not professing to give any kind of medical advice, but it does seem there is an upsurge in the number of cases published both here in the U.S. and in other countries such as India, South America, Asia and South Africa.  


We see Los Angeles and New York City opening back up under what they refer to as Phase One, while Arizona has put all hospitals on an emergency preparedness alert due to a spike in the number of cases, and New Zealand has returned to life without limits as they have had no new cases in the past 17 days in a country of 5 million people.  As the prime minister said so thoughtfully, “eradication is not a point in time, but an ongoing effort.”


I was made aware this past week the nursing home where my parents are residents just had a 50% increase in COVID-19 cases.  The numbers are made available through the Centers for Medicare and MediCal (Medicaid) Services along with a special report from the LA Times showing the incidence of the virus in all southland skilled nursing and long-term care facilities.  When I went to drop off supplies for my parents, I noticed a sign in the front that read COVID-19 Unit West Wing.  I can honestly say that took my breath away.  Once again, I don’t think the virus is done messing with us.


After months of sheltering in place along with empty stores and roads, it does seem America is returning to the streets, unfortunately not for the joyous occasion of re-opening and a seemingly small victory over the virus, but rather we experienced thousands to hundreds of thousands of people massed together in virtually all the cities throughout America to protest the senseless death of a fellow American.  Not only was there disorderly and unruly behavior, but so many of the protesters threw caution to the wind by not obeying physical distancing and not wear masks.  Now the local and state governments and the CDC are recommending all protesters get tested for the coronavirus because of high susceptibility rates.


So, while we are anxious to get back to some level of normalcy, please continue to adhere to the guidelines that have got us past the curve:  physical distancing, great hygiene by washing your hands ever so frequently, wearing disposable gloves when appropriate, and most of all, wearing your mask even if it’s not required in your community.  If you don’t have to venture out, then stay sheltered a while longer.  Because of our age and underlying health conditions, we simply can’t afford to be negligent in our efforts to stay safe, not only for ourselves, but for our family and friends, as well.  


We’re fast approaching the summer solstice, June 20th to be exact where we will experience not only the longest day of the year, but the beginning of summer. It will be interesting to see what the coming warmer and hotter months hold in store for us.  We have many signs of hope and despair, but we need to always let the hope win out by being smart and careful.  We can be patient a little longer.