Get Off Your Couch and Enjoy Mother Nature at Its Finest

Pursue The Best for Your Health & Wellness

Greetings to all you Boomers and Seniors on this day of the autumnal equinox, better known as the first day of fall.

As a young girl growing up in southern California I always dreamed about sweaters and coats because, as you might guess, the weather was just superb and slightly on the warm side.  When it did get cool, it was only for a month or so.  My dreams of bundling up and having that cup of hot cocoa finally came true when my husband was transferred to various parts of the country through his corporate work, where we were able to experience the glory of the four seasons, especially the transition from summer to fall.  I was able to bring out my fall wardrobe, recently purchased of course, to my delight fulfilling all those dreams growing up. 

I also loved baking so when the weather would cooperate, off I would go to the oven and create my little masterpieces.  One such dish was a “pear clafoutis” (a French word meaning to ‘stuff’) which I continue to make on occasion and am very proud because it has stood the test of time.  It’s a sweet tart made from virtually any fruit (I chose pears) baked in a flan-like batter and dusted with powdered sugar and perhaps a dollop of whipped cream.  The reason for my mentioning this is that a clafoutis is the perfect way to usher in the fall season, soon to be followed by pumpkin spice.  It might mean a slight detour from your normal diet, but a little bit won’t hurt and it tastes divine.  See below.

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Along with the various ways to welcome fall, at BoomerGal we try to convey messages of inspiration, hope and most important, HEALTH AND WELLNESS.  We’re always on the side of positivity and exploring means to improve our boomer and senior years.  So, let’s just do that and explore. 

As we venture into the fall season of 2022, we should see a gradual cooling of temperatures allowing us to be a bit more mobile in pursuit of all things outdoors like gardening, hiking, biking, pickle balling, golfing, and one of the best, playing with the grandkids.  Whatever your pleasure, proceed without caution.  Enjoy yourself and enjoy others to the MAX. 

“Autumn has caught us in our summer wear”

Philip Larkin, British Poet 1922-1986

In some parts of the country, summer has yet to release its grip, so we’re still wearing our t-shirts and cargo slacks.  In others, however, we’re putting on sweaters, jackets, jeans and sweat pants, all of which lead us to the upcoming Halloween season of spiced pumpkin delights, a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a change in our diets to foods more comforting than what we experienced during the summer months.

We need to stay RELEVANT in all that we do, and at BoomerGal it means staying fit, watching our diet and supplementing our diet with nutritional products that bring us a variety of health benefits. Afterall, you need to stay healthy to enjoy not only this fall, but all the seasons in your life. 

Please join us in our quest to introduce blogs devoted to a nutritional approach to improving your overall health and wellness, both mentally and physically.  We have been blogging about it for the past several weeks and will continue to focus on this subject through the end of the year.  It’s just too valuable to ignore. 

In November, please join us for the launch of our nutritional program to help Boomers and Seniors feel at the top of their game.  Yes, it’s possible, and we would like to assist everyone in achieving that goal. 

Don’t let this beautiful fall season go by without enjoying the benefits of spectacular days and nights along with ways to improve your diet and nutritional health.  Join us on this journey, and who knows, you might just feel better. 

This is your source for all things Boomer.  BoomerGal will continue to bring helpful tips, inspiration, and ways to navigate this aging process.  As we have never been at this age before.  And how the heck did we get here so quickly.  Everything we do is centered on keeping our Boomer readership RELEVANT. 

Your BoomerGal Connie.