BoomerGal Has Great News for You, Your Family and Friends


“And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be lived 

are full of trees and changing leaves”

Virginia Wolf, To The Lighthouse


I’ve always felt the sunflower represents the beginning of fall; they are at their tallest and best just before they are harvested

All of us Boomers and Seniors want to do just that, find some excitement and sizzle and put them into our glorious lives.  Fall is such an exceptional time of year, with the changing of the seasons, the temperatures cooling, changing your home décor from summer to something entirely more colorful, putting on a long-sleeve shirt and even a jacket which is a far cry from t-shirts and flipflops, and switching off the air-conditioner in favor of fresh air and sleeping under the covers.  Ah, what bliss we find at this time of year.

But this year?  Indeed, things are slightly different with the corona virus lurking around every corner, wearing masks as that necessary ounce of prevention, businesses still struggling to open, classrooms are still vacant, saying hi to your family and friends via Zoom or some other technology window, wondering whether or not to make those travel plans, awaiting the outcome of the election in just a few short weeks, and enduring the seemingly everlasting wild fires and the resulting devastation.  The pressure, stress, anxiety are sometimes overwhelming causing us to pause and not move forward.

Please join me as we walk down this new path together

While all of that is certainly true, don’t think for a minute you can’t put some normal back into your celebration of this new season which is fast approaching, and into your otherwise not so normal life.  This is the time of harvest, to reap all the good benefits that you’ve sewn and planted throughout the year, because you are a good person.  At BoomerGal, we are all about positivity and inspiration, so my message to you is simple:


·      harvest good feelings and understanding, don’t dwell on the negatives,

·      harvest quality time spent with family and friends even if you can’t directly touch them, 

·      harvest something meaningful for someone other than yourself, 

·      harvest a new diet and exercise program to keep you in life’s good graces, 

·      harvest memories of days past when things were different, 

·      harvest by reaching out to someone with whom you haven’t spoken to in some time,

·      harvest your wellspring of hope, there is nothing stronger than the human spirit,

·      harvest your inner-self to do better every single day, and when you’ve done that, do even better the next day, and

·      harvest your own definition of the “new normal” and make it work for you.


“Only when normal things are not normal anymore do we realize how special normal things are…”