Wow! The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are now upon us. Wish I didn’t have to

say this, but the ‘shopping madness’ is here, with Black Friday a distant memory.

Another distant memory is Thanksgiving. Because it was so late in the month, it almost appeared and disappeared at the same time, with the preparation for the holidays in full throttle. It’s time for leftovers and back to the diet before the Christmas feast. While we were enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner, guess what Mother Nature threw at us. Snow in SoCal. We just had to wander out and grab a few pics before it disappears. Everywhere I went this weekend, I heard and saw the panic comments coming from the people I encountered. You could almost envision a town crier with a megaphone announcing, “it’s here, it’s here.” As I mentioned in my last blog, my intention is to lighten and brighten all my future blogs. I will be sharing insights how to decorate a few areas of your home. This year we will be celebrating Christmas at my parent’s beautiful little home in a 55+ senior retirement community here in southern California, as such I am repurposing the decorations they have gathered over the many years. Soon, the relatives from northern California and my two sisters with their husbands will be descending on the little homestead. Because of the proximity, they will also be able to visit our senior-senior parents who both happen to be residents of a local nursing home. The next several blogs will be dedicated to crafting quick and easy decorating ideas and using what you have in your closets and cupboards. OK, after you review your inventory, that which works and doesn’t, more than likely you will have to head out and do a little shopping just to complement what you already have. In the past, I’ve had the privilege of designing some of the most elegant holiday decorations and sparkle for home and commercial applications, but you will find I have another side, called basic budget and low cost. Actually, I find that I’m more into that today, because that approach has served me well by adorning my parent’s home and several of the neighboring residents. As such, I am a ‘frequent flyer’ in some of the best sourcing possible: Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, Home Depot, and the old standbys Walmart and Costco, just to name a few. So, sit back, no wait, don’t sit back, get out there and enjoy this fabulous season of vitality, and create meaningful memories, and don’t forget to give back whenever possible and give thanks, whenever possible. Now go decorate.

This is Connie, your #1 BoomerGal wishing you the first of many Happy Holidays.

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