Greetings Boomers–Welcome to August–The Heat Is On…




Yes, indeed, the heat is definitely part of our life right now in southern California.  When I talk to friends and family and look at the weather across the country, it seems to be hot everywhere, except perhaps the coastal areas.  Oh, to be sitting in a beach chair near the cool ocean breezes.  But it’s not going to happen for me this year, at least that I know of.


                                           “Every Summer Has It’s Own Story”


Summertime and the living is easy, it’s supposed to be.  For so many of us Boomers, this summer is going to be totally different.  Trips have been cancelled or not even scheduled.  Family fun times, the annual outdoor picnic or birthday celebration, neighbor’s cookouts and gatherings are simply not on the agenda.  However, I do speak with quite a few people who are planning road trips in their RV, and some are camping and glamping, many to remote parts of the country.  


If you do decide to take a trip to satisfy your wanderlust, be sure to check out your destination(s) on their web sites or at a minimum call in advance.  It’s important to know what’s open and what’s closed.  So many businesses have closed, AGAIN!, or have very limited service.  You do not want to get ‘there’wherever there is and be disappointed in what you might find.


Yosemite is open, but with limited services, and reservations are almost a year out.  Mammoth Lakes, a well-known summertime vacation spot and winter skiing paradise is starting to welcome back guests, unfortunately with little or no dining accommodations.  I’ve visited a few mountain community web sites and they show being open offering only outdoor activities like fishing, running, hiking, and biking.  I think I’ll hold off on those escapes.


Every time my BoomerGuy and I get wanderlust, all I have to do is get on websites where we’ve visited in the past.  One of our favorite trips is to the mountains in central and northern California.  Then common sense kicks in and I think of the practical and responsible things we should do and it stops us in our tracks.  We just learned two very good friends have COVID-19, and the wife is in ICU.  We are fortunate that we have not contracted this virus thus far, and so we continue to ask ourselves should we just throw caution to the wind and plan a trip.  Then you think about what just happened to our friends, then having to bring along the plethora of disinfecting wipes and solutions to clean all the surfaces in your hotel room or AirBNB.  Will any restaurants be open, or do you have to order take out and eat in your car.  Bottom line, no “vacay” for us, except for our little day trips which are just delightful.  We will shelter in our own way.  Maybe the world will change soon, we can only hope. 


Summer is here with our big beautiful bright sun. My message here is intended to be strong—all your Boomers read and listen.  PLEASE protect your eyes from the sun.  Get a great pair of UV safe sunglasses and wear them all the time you’re outdoors and while driving.  My mother lost her eyesight to macular degeneration because she insisted on not wearing eye protection.  I’m a southern California girl and have worn sunglasses my entire life, even when we had homes in the Pacific Northwest where there are more cloudy days than sunny. 


I just had my optical appointment and was told by my ophthalmologist that my eyes are younger than most patients my age and asked what I was doing given my family history.  I told him:  I wear sunglasses all the time.  Not only do they protect my eyes but they look pretty darned cool at all times of the year.  I have been working on trying to source sunglasses to offer on our website.  It has been especially difficult sourcing products of any kind during this COVID-19 pandemic, due to such limited availability and inventory.  Be patient, I will get there.  


All of us Boomers will survive and some of us will thrive.  It’s entirely up to you which you direction you pursue.  As for me, I’m “striving for thriving.”  Be safe, be strong and join us on all of our informative and inspirational blogs.