Welcome to BoomerGal, your home for senior life-style and inspiration…


BoomerGal is your platform for learning and loving everything there is about aging, and how to make the best of your commitment to living longer, happier and healthier. 


I am your BoomerGal.  My name is Connie, I’m 68, and I will be sharing so many of life’s experiences from my perspective.  To begin, this is the fall season, and I want you to take a few “aaah” moments and enjoy the abundance of color and this magnificent season before the hectic times of the holidays are upon us.  Since living in southern California, I miss the vivid explosion of colors in the many places we’ve lived, such as those pictured here.  Remember as a child playing in the leaves…the innocence and not a care in the world.  On the following pages you will discover more about BoomerGal, my BoomerGuy, our backgrounds, and how to live the best life possible.


This site is designed to bring inspiration and fulfillment from a variety of topics and ideas—health and wellness, kindness, embracing the seasons, metaphors for caring, foodies and diets, loving our pets, travel, the arts, home design, and many more wonderful vignettes.  Afterall, we’ve been around for a few years and have many varied experiences and passions for life lived. 


Baby Boomers are the generation that broke many of the molds.  With the 60’s and 70’s as our backdrop, we didn’t necessarily follow in our parent’s footsteps, rather we were extremely independent and rebellious, but ever so focused and generous.  So what’s changed after all these decades—absolutely nothing!!!  We are the most RELEVANT generation on the planet. 


I look forward to being your guide on how to age more gracefully through kindness and being inspired.


“Owning our story, and loving ourselves through the

process, is the bravest thing we will ever do”