Embrace the Government Guidelines and Practice Sensible Hygiene



For all you Boomers, we hope you are staying safe and healthy.  Unless you’re living under a rock or at the bottom of the ocean, you’ve heard all the latest news on the coronavirus, or COVID-19.  It is essential we all do our part to stem the rising tide of infection by following the various guidelines issued by the CDC, NIH, Trump Administration Task Force, and state and local governments.


They are not meant to punish, they are meant to protect.  So let’s be smart and keep ourselves safe along with our communities.


Obviously, there is more to the coronavirus than just the physical condition, it also plays on the mental and stress aspects of our daily lives.  Neuroscientists will tell you the human brain works overtime on panic, so don’t panic.  Easier said than done.  


Inasmuch as we have so much thrown at us, with so much of it unknown because we have not crossed this road before, we need to remain calm and maintain a sense of stability.  Staples are foremost in our thinking.  The groceries and pharmacies are catering quite well to us boomers and seniors by opening their stores early only to seniors, not to the general public.  You might want to find a new book, a great website featuring tai chi, or meditation or prayer.  Better yet, we Americans have a strong will to survive and help others in times of need, so reach out to your family, friends and neighbors and give them a boost by calling or texting.  And please keep in mind, we have to do as much of this as possible by sheltering and self-quarantining.  


Over the coming days, I will be adding new blogs to deal with the mental anguish and stress associated with these new times, in addition to more helpful hints on how to protect yourself from this dreaded disease.


As your Number One BoomerGal, here’s wishing good thoughts to all of us, our country and this world.  


“Treasure love for your family, love for your spouse, 

love for your friends, and treat yourself well”