All Boomers are looking for new and inspiring changes in this world we live in and in this new year of 2021, unfortunately, none are seemingly forthcoming.  We’ve turned the page to a new chapter and it’s basically the same story.  The pandemic is on everyone’s mind and continues its relentless pursuit, community lock-downs are prevalent, creative and well-run businesses and restaurants are being shuttered, leisure travel is at a standstill, hospitals and healthcare workers are overburdened, schools are in a quandary about how to instruct students and we’re having to love one another remotely. So what do we do, well I’ll tell you what we do—we reach down inside ourselves and create every opportunity to make our new normal better, regardless of where you live or what you are doing this very moment.  One of my favorite sayings is,

“Life is not a dress rehearsal” by Rose Tremain

It’s our life, and it’s what we make it.  We’re not going to let anyone tell us how to live it.  The message here at BoomerGal is that we will choose to live it with dignity, wonder and a positive attitude in all things small or large.  Let’s commit to taking steps, even if they are baby steps to making each and every day meaningful to those things that matter:  our family, our friends, our diet, our health and wellness, and an inspired mental spirit.

No disrespect to the big thinkers, politicians, thought leaders, or game changers out there,  but we the people and we the Boomers of this world need to take care of our own lives and focus on our own well-being, first and foremost.  We need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, for our loved ones and friends and others we choose to be with, and most importantly, ourselves.

My BoomerGuy is my favorite person I love to be with.  He is truly the most positive person I know, and I do everything I can to let it rub off on me.  Ha.  Also, he is very smart and handsome, at least in my eyes so what’s not to like.

In our own way, we can all make a difference in the world, in our own little way.  I like to think in terms of identifiable ways for you to not only make a difference, but to live your life on the best terms possible.  

“When the well seems to be going dry sometimes all you can do is dance and hope for rain.  Other times, though, what appears to be empty is merely obscured.  Try digging a little deeper.  A hidden spring may have been there all along.”

Here are 10 simple, yet powerful steps to living prosperously in the New Year.  These are not New Year’s Resolutions, they are guiding principles to live by making them part of the New You in the New Year.

  1. Live mindfully in the New Year and beyond.
  2. Treat everyone in the manner you would like to be treated.  “A kind gesture, no matter how small, can leave a lasting impact.  The little things can seem to go unnoticed, but every little trickle is its own potential stream. Surprise someone today, and they might surprise you in return.”
  3. Share your knowledge of things with someone.  We Boomers have great experiences to share.
  4. Look after those you love and tell them often that you love them.  I’m thankful I did that all the time with my father before he passed.
  5. Step through life with honesty, integrity and conviction of what is important to you.  I’ve had to do this with my many friends.  I just couldn’t be there for their various needs, especially during the time I was preparing for the funeral arrangements following my father’s death, in addition to caring for the needs of my mother while she continues to live in the nursing home.  It’s not that I don’t care about my friends and their specific issues, but I had to make that tough conviction decision to first look after myself so I could be there for my immediate family.  Further, I simply did not want to be a burden to others during this time of pain and agony burying my father.  “Stay true to your soul, reflect your inner beauty outward, and it will shine through into all you do.”
  6. Do not listen to or participate in gossip or mindless claims about what may or may not be happening in the world.  There are far too many half-truths, lies and negative sentiments going around these days for you to get caught up in senseless rumors.
  7. Create some fun in a world where there is far too much seriousness.  By you leading the way, others might just have to follow and have fun too.
  8. Unplug!  I’ve said this in a number of my previous blogs.  Just unplug from the outside for several hours each day.  Can you do it?
  9. Don’t judge others.  I’m pretty sure we all do, but let’s try to stop that bad habit.  You have no idea what is really going on in someone’s life until you have to walk totally and completely in their shoes. Everyone is carrying some kind of burden.
  10. Do what you love and spread positivity along the way, but especially through your thoughts and comments.  Don’t be cynical, it does not wear well on you.

In one form or another, I have tried to impart these 10 principles throughout a number of my previous blogs, remaining mindful to this dreaded pandemic that has consumed our very existence and created a new and varied life for us all.  We cannot let it win, and we will not let it win.  

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

Marcel Proust

Boomers, just think about it.  If we all do one small wonderful and kind thing here or there, every now and then, just imagine the impact we could have on ourselves, those close to us, and the world at large.  Let’s practice what we preach.  What a grand idea that is!

Unless noted, all quotes are from WellnessPursuits.com

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