Boomer’s and the Over 50 Crowd, It’s Never Too Late for Romance

Ladies, Get Your Groove On!

The essence of Valentines’s Day is unlocking one’s heart. Photo by Adonyi Gabor (Pexels)

The big day is just about here, February 14th.  What’s more fun than making plans then celebrating with a loved one or special friend, or perhaps even a group of friends.  It’s all about giving of yourself and making someone else happy and joyful.  It’s all about kindness and sending love out to the world.

Here are several ways to enhance the experience, whether you’re over 50, a Boomer or a Senior.  This is for all budgets, small or large.  Enjoy!

  • I love to host parties, so why not a dinner party.  What better time to pull out the fine china and dinnerware and ask everyone you invite to dress up.  What woman doesn’t like to accept such an invitation then pull out something extra splashy from their closet.  You’ll be the toast of the town.
Here in Southern California we can gather outside at almost anytime of the year. Photo by cottonbro (Pexels)
  • Express your love and sincerity for that one special person with roses.  Everyone enjoys the thought and the beauty of a dozen or two of red roses.  Often, you can convey your feelings about someone without even a written word.
  • Sweets for the sweetie.  Do we really need the box of chocolate at our age?  The simple answer is yes, and the more complex answer is yes.  They have fantastic and plentiful displays everywhere at stores just begging for you to jump in and buy the heart shaped box.  Here’s a thought, regardless of whether you’re male or female, accept the box graciously and then hand them off to your grandkids.  They’ll love you forever.
I don’t know of anyone on the planet that doesn’t enjoy a savory box of chocolates. Photo by Budgeron Bach (Pexels)
  • How about this…forget about the gift giving and spend some quality time with a loved one or friend.  How about a coffee break or lunch or dinner at their (not yours) favorite restaurant.  Or an even simpler thought might be picking up a pizza and setting the table with candles and red napkins.  Elegance can be so simple.  
  • One of my favorites.  Pick up small cards and make them into love notes to leave all around the house.  My BoomerGuy just loves taping them to the inside of kitchen cabinets so when they’re opened the note is right there.  Anything from the heart like this, especially when it’s handmade will always be a special Valentine.
  • Do something the other person likes to do.  Some ideas might include sleeping in when it’s cold outside, shopping at the local thrift store for your frugal friends, visiting an antique store where you’ve never been, playing a board game, heading off to the local bookstore and spend hours just browsing.  Better yet, play tourist in your own hometown by taking a scenic drive.  You get the drift.
A romantic dinner for two, what could be more elegant and enjoyable. Photo by Edward Eyer (Pexels)
  • The meal doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, but it can be.  Splurge if you wish with fine dining, or better yet, head off to your favorite fast-food joint and look for the ‘dollar’ meal if they still exist.  
  • Whatever you end up doing, head out of the house and go for long hike or walk.  If it’s cold then bundle up.  No excuses here.  Get your blood moving and burn off some of those extra calories.  If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory or botanical garden around you, go enjoy the flowers and take plenty of pictures.
  • If it’s you and one or more, cook together.  The old saying the way to a person’s heart is through great food.  Plan a romantic meal with several courses so everyone can get in on the fun.  This is a great hands on approach while ditching the crowds.
  • And lastly, if you really want to do it with a totally memorable evening, rent a hotel room with a great view, order room service and don’t get out of your robes until the next day.  
The hotel of lasting memories. Photo by RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

Whatever you end up doing, make your Valentine’s Day special and share it with someone you care about.  

Boomers, and all of you that join us, go out and make this and every day the best it can be.  

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Photo by Alex Green (Pexels)

And, be sure to stay RELEVANT, because we have so much to offer to this life of ours.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S WEEK.  Until our next blog.

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