Boomers and Seniors Unite to Enjoy Your Ageless Beauty

“Aging has a wonderful beauty”

Eartha Kitt

Don’t let age hold you back. Photo by Alex Green (Pexels)

There is absolutely nothing we can do about aging.  It’s going to happen regardless of all the desires against it.  But even with the inevitable, we can live a stronger, healthier life in your 60’s, 70’s and beyond.  

A great many of my friends are complaining about aging.  Yikes.  It’s a downer for the person on the other end of a call, text or just spending time with a friend.  Be grateful we can now spend time with friends and family—don’t waste it on complaining.  

Here are 11 reasons to love your age and reverse our thinking about getting older.  You’re out and about now, no need to sit at home anymore.  Of course, my BoomerGuy and I are never sitters.  And even during this past many months we had business to keep us going and out and about.  My message: don’t let age stifle your creativity and goal setting.

  • Those extra 5 to 10 pounds may not matter as we age.  I just read this one in Prevention Magazine.  The article by Australian researchers found that adults over the age of 65 who were a little over-weight (I call it fluffy-fat, just a little more than I had in my 50’s and 60’s).  The article stated that those at the higher BMI range had a lower risk of mortality than those at the low end of the so-called healthy range.  Gotta love those Aussies.  So don’t stress over a few extra pounds.  My friends and I call it the “COVID 10-15 Club.”  As soon as we become a little more active those pounds will start shedding.
  • Your outlook on life is sunnier.  I’m very lucky my BoomerGuy is a total optimist. According to research from the University of Colorado younger adults pay more attention to negative information while those 65 and older focus on more positives than negatives in life.  Join the trend.
  • You may have a more active social life.  Research shows Boomers are more involved in their communities and have a better and more active social life than younger folks.  Our businesses are open. There’s more to explore this summer.  Spend time with family and friends and be the life of the party.
You gotta love those kids and grandkids. Photo by Tatiana Twinslol (Pexels)
  • You’re more generous.  A study from Vancouver BC found that older people or as I call us Boomers are more inclined to give handouts to strangers than younger people. Don’t shy away from kindness.
  • Your overall quality of life is better.  People ages over 65 and older were more likely to say they were thriving in key areas—more purpose to get out, a more active social life, financial freedom, belonging to community, and physically more active compared with younger people.  See what you have to look forward to for those of you who follow us on BoomerGal.  Woo Hoo!
Don’t stop exploring. Photo by Kindel Media (Pexels)
  • You probably won’t feel like a senior when you are a senior.  One study found that people ages 70 and older reported feeling 13 years younger than their chronological ages.  Come to think of it, my BoomerGuy and I are in that category.  We feel pretty darn good.  He will say he feels 45, and he had a heart attack. I’ll tell you over and over again Boomers.  It’s exercise, diet and mindset.
I practice yoga, tai chi and I love my bike riding everyday weather permits. Photo by Mikhail Nilov (Pexels)
  • You feel more rested.  You do sleep less as you age, but there’s an upside.  A Swiss study found that older people report better quality sleep and feel more awake during the day.  
  • Boomer and Senior moments don’t have to be a thing. A 2015 study revealed that today’s older adults show higher levels of cognitive function and report more feelings of well-being than adults of the same age did 20 years ago.  Another hip, hip hooray for all of us.
  • Your learning skills may improve.  People 50 to 79 retain—and may even enhance—their ability to focus on important information while ignoring less relevant data.
My laptop goes everywhere with me. I never stop reading and learning. Photo by Anna Sheets (Pexels)
  • Your priorities change for the better.  Boomers and Seniors tend to focus more on the value of their time on this earth than younger people do.  A positive outlook associates with greater happiness, according to a published article in social psychology and personality science.  It’s the little things in life.  Go smell the roses.
  • Your fears about aging probably won’t become reality, according to Prevention Magazine.   A large poll found that while more than half of younger adults expect to experience memory loss when they’re older, only a quarter of adults actually do.  Shake off the cobwebs, go learn more, and prepare yourself for a better and brighter future.

Remember your mind is a muscle that needs regular exercise just like your body.   And how do you do it? Spend time with like-minded people, go out and soak up the beauty of nature in this big beautiful world, read more, spend less time with TV and the news, take up a new hobby, start a new business, eat a healthier diet, and join a club or exercise class.  And don’t forget Boomers, we have Silver Sneakers available to us.  

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”

Albert Einstein

There is no question we had a terrible past several months.  So many lost so much.  But it’s never too late to turn a situation around.  We can do it, we will do it and we will thrive especially at our age.  Remember, Boomers, we are relevant and inspired.  Until next week.

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