11 Days Away—Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

She might need a little help from mom getting the right gift, but you get the picture. Photo by Josh Willink (Pexels)

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

Anne Geddes

Have you got that Father’s Day gift yet???  If not stay tuned for some inspirational ideas to overly WOW your dad.

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Be sure to read this before you run out and buy a gift…

Real dads want real time.  

“All I want is to have both my sons home with me on Father’s Day—do something fun with them and have a nice dinner.”

A father from Copper City, Florida

“A visit and a hug from my kids and grandkids.  I’ll supply all the food, drinks and the barbeque.  

I’ll even do all the cooking—burgers and hotdogs. Just to be together.”


“A big slice of pizza, the best in town, and my kids carrying the box.”

Virgil from San Antonio, Texas

“A day in the backyard with my daughters and wife.  Nothing could be sweeter.”


“In all honesty, nothing could be better but it’s unlikely my wife will allow it.  A relaxing massage, a six pack, a nice cigar, a trip to a new brewery, and something that promotes relaxation for an hour or more.  Expensive gifts lose their charm quickly and stress me out—so don’t bother.”

Ryan from Canton, Michigan

“Well, to start with every day is Father’s Day for the dad who is a family man and of course loves his children. I lost my dad 10 years ago.  The simplest answer/gift is time.  If at possible spend the day with dad.  That’s what he wants most of all. Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one.”

Steve from Orlando, Florida

Editorial sourcing from Michelle, Groham Media Group

What could be better than the family toasting dad. Photo by Julia M. Cameron (Pexels)

Please stop and pause, the simplest of all gifts is spending time with your father on his special day.  Listen to what all of them said, “that would be the biggest gift of all.”  

Here are a few “gifts” to do with dad, requiring you to be present.

  • Take him to Harbor Freight, Lowe’s or Home Depot and have him pick out something on his wish list.  The great news, you’re with him to create the memory.
  • How about a pizza party.  Splurge on the diet for one day—it’s OK.
  • Create a family photo.  It’s so easy these days with our smart phones.  Pick up a great frame and present it to him for the home or his office.
  • Cook his favorite breakfast, if it’s too early, then put some magic into a  brunch.
  • Alternatively, break out your culinary skills and cook his #1 perfect dinner.  To take it step further, you could present him with a personalized menu and let him pick what he wants, along with that fine bottle of cabernet.  
  • Help out in the garden, especially for those dads who love tinkering around in the dirt and the vegetables.  It will be much appreciated.  If you want to make it extra special help him stake out a new vegetable patch or pick up a tree he could enjoy for years in the future.  So many choices out there in the local nursery, consider buying a new plant or garden ornament to brighten up the space. 
How about a rousing game of golf with papa. Photo by Mikhail Nilov (Pexels)
  • Spend time together in nature.  Try a hike in a local nature preserve, a bike ride, a golf outing, outdoor sports or even a simple picnic in the park with the family or at the beach, assuming you live near one.
  • How about a sporting event, the local high school or college baseball game, or a night at Yankee or Dodger stadium (or other team of choice).  If you live in Oklahoma City you could attend one of the Women’s College World Series games—now this is real entertainment value—these players are just terrific.
Just think about the quality of life and time spent with your dad, tinkering with what he loves. Photo by cottonbro studio (Pexels)
  • Spend the day trying out his hobby.  What does your dad do like to do in his downtime.  Maybe he loves working with cars, fishing, watching old movies, creating or collecting something.  Whatever it is suggest spending a day trying it out together.  Who knows, you might even pick up a new skill or a brand, new hobby for yourself.  

Father’s Day isn’t about spending the most money to spoil your dad, it’s all about spending quality time together and creating memories that will last forever.  

Unfortunately, not everyone can be sitting next to their dad on his special day.  So, here are several gift ideas for those of you who are not able to be present.

  • The Apple store has so much to offer.  Perhaps a new laptop, iPhone, iPad, iWatch 10 or the latest video headset, Apple Vision Pro (now that can be a bit pricey).
  • A Happy Father’s Day coffee mug.  Something he’ll see every morning when he pours his favorite brew.  This one is better depending on your budget, set him up with a monthly shipment of Starbucks coffee, pre-ground of course.   
  • Collectibles, watches, model trains, and more to purchase for dad if you think outside the box, even if your dad is the hardest person in the world to shop for.  Package it well, insure it and make sure it arrives in advance of the big day.
  • A gift card to his favorite hardware or sporting goods store.  Better yet, a generic gift card on Visa or Mastercard for anything he might want that you don’t know about.
  • How about a magazine subscription. Come on, make for at least two years.
  • If your dad has cooking and/or barbeque skills, send him something special from the kitchen shop.  Perhaps a new air fryer, food processor, blender, the latest BBQ tools, etc.  Come on children, get creative.
  • Or send him a photo album or video of you and your family—something he can cherish every day.
Almost anything goes from the gift club, but no ties, please!!! Photo by Tim Mossholder (Pexels)

The best way to spend the day is to focus on experiences, those you and he will have for a lifetime.  Dad is sure to appreciate the time and effort you put into creating a thoughtful gift, even if it isn’t wrapped in a package.  

Trust me, what I would give to have one more day with my dad.  Life is so short, make it a memorable day.  

Photo by Cristian Dina (Pexels)

Please pass this along to your children and grandchildren.  Help them along this journey for Father’s Day.  Remember this day is all about dad.

Just think how special Father’s Day is.  Without him you wouldn’t be here. 

As a reminder, stay RELEVANT by spending quality time with your father.  

Happy Father’s Day, one and all.

Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.

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