Easter is Upon Us—Are You Ready 

Easter is a day of celebration. Happy Easter one and all. Photo by Alesia Kozik (Pexels)

If you’re fortunate enough to be invited for an Easter feast, even if it’s with your family, be a gracious guest.  

Your host and hostess will likely have spent a great deal of time, effort and money on this dinner, especially considering the rising costs of food and beverage these days.

The question at hand:  what is the secret to being a great dinner guest?  You want to be the delightful and caring guest so your host/hostess and other guests will remember you, and guess what, if you are, you’ll likely be invited back to other holiday parties and dinners. 

My BoomerGuy and I have hosted a lot of very large dinners, special events and most recently, a rash of smaller group dinners.  For friends who are new in our lives.

Most of our guests were wonderful and were a delight to spend time with. Unfortunately, we had a few others who were rude and not thankful for the time and energy put into the entertainment.  The last dinner guest in my home was so terribly ungracious, that I decided to write this post—about being a gracious guest.

Don’t be a bad egg. Do your best to be gracious and respectful. Photo by Roman Odintsov (Pexels)

Here are 5 helpful tips and ideas on how to be a welcomed and gracious guest and REMEMBERED for all the right reasons.

ARRIVE ON TIME.  Come on, don’t be late, it’s no longer fasionable.  Along with that, don’t be too early.  Your host is prepping and preparing for the meal and always and I mean always something pops up last minute.  Being too early takes up time and focus.  Believe me, it can be stressful when guests show up before you’re ready for them.  A few minutes late, acceptable.  Way late…not good and shows disrespect.  It puts a burden on the person who is hosting.  It makes an extra decision on your host to decide whether to wait for your arrival or go ahead without you and start the activities and serving.  If you know you’ll be late, call or text.

BRING A GIFT.  A truly great dinner guest never shows up empty-handed.  If your choice is a customary bottle of wine, make it something worth remembering.  Don’t go in on the cheap.  If it’s out of your budget, then here are a few photo suggestions that may help.  For your Easter brunch or dinner, flowers are always appreciated along with potted plants.  Orchids are long lasting and the ones from trader Joe’s come in their own pottery container.  

Trader Joe’s has THE BEST orchids for the price.

Some other gifts that probably would be appreciated…  If you know your host well, then personalize the gift with a small serving piece, a serving or utility knife, a dish that goes with their décor or a select set of wine glasses.  Something along these lines show them how special they are, and it’s a great way to say, “thank you for doing this and inviting me to be a part of your dinner, party or other festivity.  

More of the wonderful flowers from Traders.

Another thing you can do is ask the host/hostess ahead of time if there’s anything you can bring to complement the meal, to help offset the higher prices of things.  It can be anything from a side dish or dessert.  Your host may be helpful to suggest an item, however if they say just bring yourself, please be gracious and thoughtful and bring a little gift.  It’s the polite thing to do and you will definitely standout.  

Nothing better than chocolate eggs and carrot cakes. Simple but mighty gifts.
Unless it’s more chocolate eggs AND a chocolate Easter bunny. Photo by George Dolgikh (Pexels)

PERHAPS A TOAST.  Whether or not your host makes a toast, if it’s a dinner and after everyone sits down at the table, perhaps you could make a simple, short and heartfelt toast of your own—thanking them for their friendship, inviting you into their home, and taking the time to make the delicious food you’re about to partake in.  Even a short toast if it’s a cocktail party.

IGNORE YOUR PHONE.  We’ve all had that guest who can’t put their phone away.  There will always be a few exceptions, but the most thoughtful thing to do is please ignore your phone and don’t text a bunch of people under the table.  If it’s an emergency, just excuse yourself, respond immediately then return quickly without a bunch of fanfare.  Put your phone away and enjoy the dinner party.

SHOW THE BIG-3.  Enthusiasm, treat other guests well and show gratitude.

Those three characteristics are the key to being a most welcomed presence at any dinner table, party or festivity that you’re so lucky to be invited to.  Enjoy those special moments and be enthusiastic about the affair.  Don’t be shy to throw around compliments whenever possible.  

Be thankful you have been welcomed into someone’s home, no matter if it’s family, close friends, neighbors or new acquaintances.  Do send a follow up thank-you note either by snail mail, email or text the day after.  Any longer and your thank you becomes stale.


Enjoy being the best Easter guest you can be. Photo by Jill Wellington (Pexels)

Do all or any of these and you become the GRACIOUS GUEST and will surely be invited again and again.

HAPPY EASTER one and all.  Enjoy those who you are with.  Stay RELEVANT and relish in all that you have.  And be sure to show KINDNESS and GRATITUDE.

Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie Rae.  

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