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7 Tips for Mastering the Art of Stress-Free Living

Now that you’re back home following your post Labor Day travels, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays, which are fast approaching and will assuredly be somewhat hectic.  The stores will be bustling, the check-out lines will be lengthy, and the freeways will be jammed.  

So, what is the best way to prepare right this very minute to fully maximize your enjoyment of the holidays along with all the hoopla that accompanies the fun times.  

This is what I do in my house.

“Appreciate those four walls.”

In preparation for the next three months, I believe we need to do everything we can to create a stress-free environment at home for maintaining overall well-being and promoting a balanced lifestyle.  In today’s fast-paced world, where stress seems to be an inevitable part of daily life, it is crucial to establish a sanctuary within our homes to help us cope with the craziness outside our homes.

“You truly deserve to enjoy living in your house.  It should be a place you can de-stress, a place that reflects your unique style, and a place that helps (not hinders) you in having the life you crave.”

Chrissy Halton

Here are my 7 favorites tips for achieving that calm oasis that we all seek.

DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE YOUR SPACE.  For sure this is Number One on the hit parade.  Clutter can be a significant source of stress in our lives.  It overwhelms our senses and makes it difficult to find peace of mind.  

“The first and most important thing is to have things around you that you love…and that does not include clutter.”

Sara Bird and Dan Duchars

Everyone has a bit of junk lying around the house—and the majority of us have more than a little.  Household clutter seems relatively harmless, but some people feel unsettled and many feel out of control.  The crowding of piles day-to-day is simply more than people can manage as they walk by it every day, thinking to themselves “I need to address that,” yet they do nothing about it.  

“There is nothing more calming than an organized home, and please don’t forget the garage.”

YIKES!!! Look anything like your garage? No wonder the cars are parked on the driveway.

I just took a full day to declutter files, an extra closet, and piles of old papers that were not needed any longer.  It took several trips to the trash but you would be surprised how much better I feel by cleaning out and organizing.  Yeah, I might still have a pile or two, but they’re at least orderly and I know what’s in them.  Oh, and did I mention it’s free to do this!!!  It just takes a little initiative on your part to make a dent in that stress of yours.

ESTABLISH A DAILY SELF-CARE ROUTINE.  This is all about taking care of yourself and eliminating the stress that you can manage.  It’s important to create a daily self-care routine that allows you to prioritize your well-being.  This can include such things as meditation, yoga, exercise, a relaxing bath, or immersing yourself in one of your favorite hobbies.  It’s bike riding for my BoomerGuy and me and taking care of our garden.  It’s what works best for you, so do it.

PRACTICE MINDFULNESS.  Embrace the moment of the hour or the day, by fully realizing the beauty that surrounds you.  This can be achieved through activities such as savoring a delightful meal, having a cocktail with friends, journaling, or for me, sitting outside and taking in the beauty of my plants and a beautiful sunrise.

CULTIVATE A POSITIVE AND HARMONIOUS ATMOSPHERE.  The people we surround ourselves with greatly impact our stress levels.  Foster a positive and supportive atmosphere by nurturing healthy relationships and kind and open communication.  Engage in family meals or game nights, share time with neighbors and friends creating a sense of like-minded togetherness.

SET ASIDE A RELAXATION AREA.  I feel this is one of the most important things you can do. Create a designated relaxation zone that allows you to unwind and escape from the demands of everyday life.  1)  Set up a cozy nook with a soft chair and mood lighting for reading; 2) Designate a space for your own practice of mindful thinking and/or meditation; and 3) Find a calm space outdoors with comfortable seating where you can enjoy the many benefits Mother Nature provides.

What could be more relaxing than leaning up against a window bench and letting the sun shower you with warmth or laying on soft pillows and reading a good book.

FRESH SCENTS.  Smell is often missed and forgotten when we think about our homes. It is one of the earliest memory triggers and is extremely sensitive.  One of the best ways to create calmness when it comes to scents is to keep things fresh.  When you get up in the morning, open your front door and let in fresh air…it’s a welcoming opportunity to greet the new day.  Another is to use scented candles and air fresheners throughout your home.  And don’t be afraid to bake those cookies or prepare a meal where their bouquet invokes memories of your childhood and calmer times.

ESTABLISH A DAILY ROUTINE.  Having a structured daily routine definitely helps to reduce stress and create a sense of order.  It gives you something to look forward to each and every day.   In the morning, start your day with a warm cup of tea or coffee with your loved ones, talking about anything that comes to mind; midday take the time to digital detox and disconnect from your electronic devices and social media; and in the evening take time to relax and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. 

So here we are at the middle of September, waiting patiently for fall to come knocking on our doors.  In the meantime, the world is getting crazier and more chaotic and thrust upon us every day.  We need to decompress in order to manage all that we encounter, and I trust my simple remedies above can help you achieve that.  It’s not rocket science folks, it’s just doing it that matters.

Here’s wishing you a stressless September and the remainder of the year as you prep for the upcoming holiday season.  Things are changing so rapidly in our world that it’s impossible to alter their direction, however the one thing we can change is taking control of our lives.   As Bette Davis would say, “hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

I’m Connie, your Number One BoomerGal wishing you success in achieving Your Ultimate Lifestyle.    

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