These Are Extraordinary Times

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Laamu Atoll, The Maldives

At BoomerGal, we have and will always promote kindness, health and well-being for everyone, especially us Boomers and seniors.  Furthermore, we do not promote or focus on any particular political, religious or media agenda that would compromise our values of inspiration and mindfulness.

A beautiful sunset, that only Mother Nature can paint

That being said, unfortunately this past week did not display the best of America.  At BoomerGal, we share in the pain all of America and all Americans endured over these tragic events during the last several days.  The days and nights of protest have shown the best and worst of what we’re made of.  Unfortunately, it’s not only here on our soil that this has occurred, but worldwide, as well. 

Along with my BoomerGuy and all of you following our journey have reached a fatigue not experienced in many years.  We all yearn for a return to normalcy.  We were just beginning to open up our stores, restaurants and malls and regain our lives, businesses and a sense of security.  However, if the pandemic is not enough, this past week shook us to the core.

A field and the Canadian Rockies

On the flipside, look at the amount of wonderful kindness that came in the door.  Many went into communities to clean the aftermath and help their fellow neighbors and businesses.  There is as much good as there is evil in this world, oops, let me rephrase that.  There is MORE GOOD THAN EVIL in this world, and fortunately we see it everyday, from all the caregivers addressing COVID-19 patients to the first responders along with common citizens refusing to be silent and helping their friends and communities.  It seems to be overwhelming at times, but we will definitely see light after the darkness.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

Albert Einstein

“In the face of such indifference, we will show

a face of difference, courage and heart”

C.S. Lewis

A dear friend of my BoomerGuy sent a video of hope and how the coronavirus could possibly change our world.  We are still in the grips of COVID-19 in addition to the destruction by certain protesters with so many lives shattered as a result.  We will overcome the hurt and heal even as our hearts are broken for our country and the world at large.  

“Breathe.  Let go.  And remind yourself that this very moment

 is the only one you know you have for sure.”

Oprah Winfrey

Please take a moment to breathe, watch this video, and by all means share it with family, friends and others that you may know.  We all need a little kindness and hope to get us through this very dark time.  They have served us well in the past, and both will serve us well today and into the future.  Reach out to your loved ones and those much younger than us.  They too are scared of the uncertainty and the unknown.  Give them some encouragement.

Heartwarming video of a father and his son…

Now please watch the video, it will only take a few minutes (actually about 3 1/2 minutes), and enjoy a moment away from the chaos.  Our hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Your BoomerGal and BoomerGuy.

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