Have you felt the “nip of coolness” in the air lately, especially in the evenings and mornings? That’s how we describe it here in southern California. The days are quite different as the air surrounds us with warmth and soft touches of comfort. And then we tune into the news and, whoa, witness the snaps of cold elsewhere, and even snow and freezing. The seasons are changing! It’s that special time of year when we watch deep green tree leaves change color to bright yellows and reds filling our eyes with wonder and contemplation, and then the fall leaves dropping onto our yards for the perpetual raking and cleaning. In many cultures this time of season coincides with the final harvest of the year. In southern and central California, where so much of our produce and grains are grown to feed the nation, we now see fields filled with crops ready to be picked. Even in nearby mountains squirrels are busy harvesting and burying acorns for the winter. And let’s not forget the pumpkin patch which was just filled with future jack-o’-lanterns and soon-to-be pumpkin pies in time for our next holiday, Thanksgiving, where it’s all about getting together with friends and family, near and far. For many, harvest events fill our senses not only with colors but flavors. Who can resist the aroma of mashed potatoes and gravy, baked stuffing and Tom Turkey fresh from the oven…oh, and let’s not forget those very special sweets? Seasonal pears are in abundance, so I decided to bake a pear Clafoutis, a traditional 19th century French fruit and cream tart pictured above, as one of those special treats to share with friends and family. Yummy! What is your favorite? It is a time for transition to next season, as well as a time for reflection. It’s OK to take time to be thankful for what we have, and for doing the right things as it relates to our own personal health and wellness. In an upcoming installment, I will share the details of the diet that has transformed our lives, which can, oh, by the way, still, include a pear Clafoutis just because of the way I prepared it with my own ingredients. The transition from autumn to winter marks the beginning for many of the upcoming holiday season. Our present-day clocks have fallen back one hour, yet time can still be a reflection of wonderful memories. It is a time of sounds…the sounds of laughter from familiar faces, the bustling of shopping sprees, the gatherings at family dinners and restaurants, and the sound of music and song to lift up your spirits. To hear your name flow in deep affection from the lips of a child, spouse, grandparent or friend is a “harvest of heart things.” We all need this. I am Connie, your #1 BoomerGal for life’s special moments and inspiration. Sit back and enjoy the bounty of whatever life brings you.
Contributing editor: Jim Greek, Loma Linda University Medical Center

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