I want to welcome you to the launch of BoomerGal, a web-site dedicated to the myriad of interests and trends for Baby Boomers including those even slightly younger and older.  As one looks around the internet and social media sites, there is little, other than the terrific contribution by AARP, that is inspiring and informative for seniors.  As for me, I am 68 years old, and while feeling the effects of the aging curve, I am so excited about sharing my thoughts and ideas about being part of a productive and stimulating senior generation.

On this web site, over the coming months, I will present a variety of issues and concepts upon which to reflect.  I am so tired of “being looked through” because of my age and being made to feel that I’m not relevant.  Well, I’m here to tell you I AM RELEVANT, AND SO ARE YOU!!!  Oh, and don’t let anyone call you or us the “old generation,” because we are quite the opposite:  incredibly active and full of wonder. Retirement—what’s that?  Many of us are launching start-ups, becoming entrepreneurs or continuing with our careers instead of watching the clock tick off days and weeks.  I want BoomerGal to be a platform for new beginnings, where ideas and opinions are shared, with a focus on trust, kindness, positivity, accomplishments and creating a style all your own.

A number of topics for your reading enjoyment will include:  health and wellness, taking care of our “senior-senior” parents, diet, words of wisdom with which to live each day, skin care and anti-aging, the impact of the internet and social media, technology, products to enhance your life, our wonderful pets, travel, home experiences and style, the all-important family, personal stories that are poignant and meaningful, along with others. 

When I looked at setting up my website, I wanted a name that would be recognizable for all of us who absolutely love getting older.  Excuse me!  So I came up with the name BoomerGal which hopefully embraces my message of pride in age and a value oriented life-style.

I grew up in southern California listening to the Beach Boys and living the life of sun and waves.  This year, I celebrated with my husband, Bill, who grew up in the Midwest and happens to be my BoomerGuy at 73, 35 years of marriage. Not all blissful I can assure you, but we are our each other’s best friend.  We also observed three historic events that occurred 50-years ago:  the moon landing (I’ll bet you can remember exactly where you were when Neil Armstrong touched the surface), the first TV production of Sesame Street, and who could forget, Woodstock.  Great memories.

A bit about us boomers.  We are bursting at the seams to stay active, fit and involved.  Yes, and I also shout RELEVANT.  In the years following World War II, we had a period called the baby boom, an amazing spike in the number of children being born, between the mid-1940’s and the early 1960’s.  We all thought we grew up in one of the best times in modern history.  When I look back at my formative years, my parents instilled a great work ethic, a can-do mentality, and high hopes for the future, and I carry those values with me every day.  When you look at our age group, there are actually two different categories.  Those over 50 and into their mid-70’s of which there are more than 70 million, and those older into their 80’s and beyond, with another 25 million, just in the United States. Yeah boomers!

What’s next you ask as we peer into the crystal ball.  I’ve set the stage, I’ve christened the launch, and now you will just have to wait for the next installments which will include huge amounts of positivity and inspiration to live life to the fullest.  Alas, a new sunrise.

I am Connie, your BoomerGal, along with my favorite BoomerGuy, Mr. Bill (you remember him don’t you on Saturday Night Live…”oh no Mr. Bill”), your hostess and host as we toast this new and exciting journey.  AND YES, WE’RE STILL RELEVANT!!!

Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow…

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