It’s February 1st, Time for New Year’s Resolutions and Valentine’s Day

Then Comes the Wonderful Month of March

May all your flowers bloom brightly in 2022, especially on Valentine’s Day.   Photo by Pixabay (Pexels)

In my household, we don’t start our resolutions until February 1st.  I found out it’s too hard to kick start your resolutions in January with all the post-holiday events only to have big disappointments because they get dropped, for one reason or another.

Why do they get cancelled, you ask?  The Christmas/holiday cleanup is usually done in January.  This year I organized items better than ever, in anticipation of this next holiday season.  And I love Christmas sales.  Had I started my resolutions on January 1st my budget would have been blown.  I also helped several friends with their packing of holiday items and shopping for goodies to add to their collections.  We had more sweets in our home this year than in the past, so I ended up freezing a bunch and giving them away.  With all that, getting back to a much better eating program and regular exercise routine would also have been blown. 

I have to look at all that we got accomplished in January without making a single promise. So instead of being disappointed by not being able to stick to any sort of pledge, we don’t practice New Year’s resolutions until February.  Once we’ve put all the chaos of the post-holiday season behind us, we have a fresh start.  My BoomerGuy and I are going to make this year the best, even if the world is upside down. 

These resolutions are without a doubt the best ever–I’m adopting every one of them.  Photo by Polina Kovaleva (Pexels)

This past year was tough on so many with the virus still hanging around.  If you lost loved ones or friends, I am truly sorry for the pain this has brought into your life and trust me, I know that pain all too well.  I am honoring my parents, who I lost in January 2021 from COVID, by living the best life possible. 

Photo by Brett Jordan (Pexels)

So think about taking off the month of January and starting your resolutions in February. 

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