Take The Time to Care for Yourself

Make it a point to enjoy every sunrise and sunset. Photo by Pixabay (Pexels)

Boomers, if you’ve noticed as of late, getting things done takes patience, patience, and more patience.

Many of us have put our healthcare needs on the back burner over these past several years due to the pandemic.  Doctor appointments, hospital procedures and anything else that requires a scheduled visit have seemingly been postponed for one reason or another.  And now, as we try to get ourselves back to what was once normal, it takes a great deal of persistence and patience to accomplish our tasks and schedule our procedures.

Talking about procedures, my BoomerGuy is going into the hospital the first week of May for the Watchman.  If you have followed our journey over the past several years, you know he had a severe heart attack called the “widow maker” where he coded three different times. Fortunately, so many pieces of a very large puzzle came together to help save his life and he is now considered part of the 1% club, where he is among the very few 1%’ers who have survived this sort of incident.

Since that time, he has been under the terrific care of his cardiologist.  Along with that care comes a number of prescribed medications, one of which is a blood thinner to help prevent the occurrence of a stroke.  Having been on them for over six years, his cardiologist recommended a measure called the Watchman which is a minimally invasive intra-cardiac procedure designed to eliminate the need for blood thinners and their abrasive side effects.

The technology is based on a medical device implant from Boston Scientific, reference  We heartly endorse this product and its health benefits.  

I bring this to your attention because not only is our website under construction, but so is my husband.  His recovery is supposed to be short and I want to be there every step of the way, so we both should be back in the saddle by the first weekend in May.

See you in May with a newly revised website, introducing new products that we are lining up and many more relevant blogs to enhance your reading enjoyment.  

Your BoomerGal, Connie.

They call us Boomers the Silver Tsunami, but they’re missing the point.  The fact that so many people are getting to experience older age is one of society’s greatest achievements.  Please take care of yourselves and find all the blessings possible for your every day.

Love yourself and take care of your heart and health. Photo by Andre Furtado (Pexels)
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