Summer Is Right Around The Corner, Are You Ready?

Is Your Summer Wardrobe Ready?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens (Pexels)

“You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life”

Coco Chanel

Greetings all you wonderful Baby Boomers and Seniors preparing for the onset of summer.  They say it starts officially on Memorial Weekend, which is in two weeks.  The question of the day, are you ready to shed a few pounds to get back into your summer togs.  You’ll know the answer to that challenge when you pull out your fav’s from last summer and for some unknown reason, they fit a bit tighter.  YIKES!

I’m 69 and lovin’ every minute of my Boomer age, naturally wondering where the time went to get to this age so quickly (Ha), but at the same time readying for another summer of heat and enjoyment.  Like so many of you, I am still very watchful of what I wear, because as Billy Crystal says, “if you look good, you feel good.”

“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting”

Marc Jacobs

Move out the dark, and move in the light–it’s summer. Photo by Ksenia Cherndya (Pexels)

So today, we begin with wardrobe essentials.  These are the pieces around which we build our ensembles.  They are the workhorses we reach for again and again to anchor our outfits.  Each of us has unique essentials and they will probably change over time.  My style is ever evolving with my age and likes and dislikes, so my wardrobe changes with them.

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”

Coco Chanel

Here are 10 of my favorites that have stood the test-of-time.

GREAT FITTING WHITE JEANS.  A great pair of white jeans might seem like an oxymoron, but they do for every woman’s shape and size.  White pants or chinos are just fresh for the summer.  I always buy one or two pairs of white jeans to add to the summer stash, while my older ones get pre-spotted and soaked in Biz, then hung out in the sun to renew the whiteness.  If you wear them around the house, you’re ready to go out because they always look great.

I’ve also pulled out some linen whites to wear in the desert, which you can actually begin wearing in March.  Some of my favorites are with draw strings and wider legs.  They’re a little different style, and are back in the stores big time, and oh so cool in the summer heat.  You must realize they will wrinkle a lot but go for it anyway.

If you find a great jean that fits, buy more than one pair.  You’ll thank yourself because they’ll be shopped over and gone.  

LIGHT WEIGHT CARDIGAN OR LONGER BLOUSE.  Cardigans are good for a wardrobe staple.  During the summer the knit get lighter weight, and the blouses are lighter color palettes.  They’re perfect to pop over a summer dress or a sleeveless tank on cool evenings, or when air conditioners are cranked up as they are here in southern California.

CRISP WHITE SHIRTS OR T-SHIRTS.  Crisp white shirts are indispensable in our closets making them perfect for summertime.  Try it worn over a tank top and darker pants or shorts.  The crisp white look on top is great styled with black pants, as long as they are summer weight.  The classic white and black look is forever.  Every time I see a woman dressed in white and black she always catches my eye.  

I’ve also added white t-shirts to my everyday clothing experience.  They bring a fresh, cool look to virtually any wardrobe, and there are so many great styles of T’s out there.

MAXI DRESSES.  The really good news, they are for everyone from small to the full-figure.  A wonderful online site for ordering all sizes at a great price point is www.noracora.com.  

My go to sandals are just like these–be sure to paint your toenails with your favorite summer color. Photo by Carissa Rogers (Pexels)

SANDALS.  There is nothing better and cooler in the summer heat than a pair of sandals.  A well-rounded summer sandal should include comfy flats with varying heights that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.  

Here are three of my favorites:  

1.  Sketchers

2.  Clark’s-Cloud Steppers

3.  UGG’s-yes they make sandals too

JEWELRY.  Be sure to add a piece or two of jewelry.  Chain link accessories, a pendant necklace,  earrings, a cuff bracelet or a great looking watch can most definitely dress up your wardrobe, whether it’s a tee shirt or something a bit more dressy.  The warm weather of spring and summer seasons is especially perfect for showing off necklace layers of varying lengths and bracelet stacks.  Remember, when it comes to layering and stacking the more the merrier.

Pick ’em, they’re all so cool. Photo by Francesco Paggiano (Pexels)

SUNGLASSES.  A good pair of sunglasses is vitally important all year whether it’s sunny or cloudy, but essential during the summer months when the sun is at its peak, and when we’re spending more time outdoors.  

UV rays can lead to eye irritation but more important, macular degeneration, which is a leading cause of vision loss for older women and men.  PLEASE COVER THE PEEPERS!  My mother refused to wear sunglasses and subsequently suffered from severe macular degeneration and eventually lost her vision completely.  

I have always worn sunglasses, not just for the benefit of protecting my eyes, but here in southern California they are a “go-to” fashion statement.  I love the look of them.

Oh so stylish! Photo by Artem Beliaikin (Pexels)

STRAW HATS.  A fashion statement can be made with a ball cap or a cute straw hat.  Names for straw hats are boater, Panama, cowboy, and fedora.  They will help keep the sun off your eyes and face, and are great for bad hair days.

The straw purse is an essential. Photo by Rachel Claire (Pexels)

SUMMER PURSES.  Boomer Gals, don’t forget your purses.  If you’re like me, I carry a big tote, always have and always will.  There are so many choices from raffia and straw, to lighter colors, to cloth bags, to crochet bags that are once again back in style,  Make them fresh and make them new.  You can shop from Amazon, to Target, to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, or if you want to splurge, hit the high-end shops like Neiman Marcus and Saks, Macy’s and Soft Surroundings.

SUNSCREEN.  This is an absolute essential.  Apply liberally to your hands, arms and decolletage (the part under your neck).  Don’t forget your makeup and lipstick with SPF.

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess.  The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years.  There’s no how-to roadmap to style.  It’s about self-expression and above all attitude.”

Iris Apfel (still kicking and doing commercials at 100 years of age)

While all of these helpful ideas will get you looks and sometimes envy, it is vital you do one very important thing before you crash your closet.  Get outdoors and walk, bike, practice tai chi, enroll in a yoga class, jump in the pool, hike on your favorite trails, swing the golf club—but just do it, as Nike says.  Everything we have gone through this past year has caused us to put on a few extra pounds and create all kinds of anxiety.  It’s time to release all of it and get yourself fit again so you can enjoy life, your family and friends.  Oh and by the way, all the new clothes you just bought.  LOL

I’m always in tune for your health and well-being.  We are still the most relevant generation and we should show it off every chance we get.  

Welcome to summer BoomerGal readers.  Get yourself ready for an outstanding year ahead.  Only you can make it happen, of course, with just a little push from me.   Your #1 Boomer Gal, Connie.

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