It’s Crazy Out There and Hard Times Happen to All of Us

The Key is to Find Hope and Survive

This is what keeps me going. Photo by Binti Manu (Pexels)

You don’t need to be Boomer to have these tips become meaningful, they can apply to anyone of any age.  So many people today are hurting, for so many different reasons.  With inflation your problems are likely financial.  It’s worth noting that financial setbacks lead the way in today’s society for stress, frustration and a no-hope outlook.  Others may be facing a health challenge, perhaps you are in the middle of an unhealthy relationship which is weighing you down or you are one of those suffering from sleepless nights with too much on your mind.  And there are those of us who have recently lost a parent, a friend, a child or a spouse.  

Tough times indeed!  We all need a boost!

THE MESSAGE:  regardless of who you are, you can’t always be in control of these difficulties as they present themselves.  However, you do have a choice in how you manage them and how they make you feel.  In other words, hard times will happen to us all…so how do we find hope and survive them.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich (Pexels)

My biggest source of strength is through the acceptance of my own personal belief.  It is mine to hold dear to my heart, but I do share it with my BoomerGuy and close friends and acquaintances.  These are people who are strong believers in the “glass being half full” and “curiosity seekers looking for positive outcomes to any difficult situation.”  I simply don’t have the time or inclination to swim with sharks who don’t believe the same as me and who find dread in every aspect of our society.

Hey, if you’re facing challenging times it’s perfectly OK to feel overwhelmed.  Just don’t let them manage you and drag you down.  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.  

“When faced with emotional pain or frustration, it can feel like you are going to be in it forever.  That thought alone can increase the severity of emotions someone is feeling and make it worse.”  The experts say you need to reframe your perspective—try to see things from a new angle.  Hopefully, it will help you step away from that mindset.  

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My simple solution and it works:  whatever you would say to your best friend, now say the same to yourself.  I have been the “atta-girl” to so many of my friends, and now I use it on me to get a clearer picture on achieving the goals I want.  That glass is definitely half-full.

One of my favorite quotes: “tough times never last, but tough people do.”

Robert H. Schuller

Along with my atta-girl approach, here are four other sure-fire ways to help you stay positive in tough times.

LETTING GO.  Let go of the now.  While it might feel like the best response to a difficult situation is to take charge, sometimes letting go can help preserve your mental health.  It does not mean getting complacent, but it does mean realizing you are not necessarily to blame for the circumstances.  

“One way to help yourself get through hard times is to let yourself off the hook for things you can’t control.”  A statement from Billy Roberts, a mental health therapist in Columbus, Ohio.  “Ironically, many people are even harsher critics of themselves when times are more difficult, or when they are under a great deal of stress.”  And who has been under extra stress—all of us starting with the pandemic, now hyperinflation and the world seemingly spinning out of control.

MENTAL SELFCARE.  We started this website and blog shortly before the beginning of the pandemic.  We put it in practice to help inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.  We haven’t dedicated enough of our time to making our blog profitable, because we were more interested in giving back to others based on our real-life experiences.  All of a sudden, I realized writing this and the other 150  blogs at gave me meaning and purpose.  My writings helped me through some of the saddest times in my life and helped save a whole lot of money by not having to go through therapy.  Ha.  

By knowing when to let go is helpful, so is working on gaining a sense of meaning and purpose.  That sense of meaning and forward momentum helps keep us energized and hopeful.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva (Pexels)

GIVING BACK.  It’s called ADDING VALUE to your life.  If you have followed our blogs, you know my BoomerGuy has had an incredible journey over the past seven plus years with a heart attack followed by a number of enhanced cardiac procedures to sustain his health.  He has not only become close friends with his cardiologist, but also has developed a strong relationship with several of the local hospitals here in southern California who cared for him.  His belief and purpose:  “Their expertise and professionalism gave me a renewed quality of life for which I am eternally grateful, an extra seven plus years with my lovely wife, friends and family.  I want to repay them by doing everything I can to serve as an ambassador for their practice, their medical centers and the public at large.”  My BoomerGuy is an accomplished spokesperson and contributing editor on behalf of the local healthcare community, and by doing so, gives him purpose by giving back.

Photo by Angela Roma (Pexels)

HEALTHY RITUALS.  I’m talking about rituals that can anchor you in a time of change and uncertainty.  These are healthy rituals for your mind and body.  

  • A healthy diet will make you feel better, regardless of the drone around you.
  • Something as simple as making your bed in the morning helps you start fresh.
  • Adding a regular mindfulness practice each day, such as watching the sunrise or sunset and giving thanks.
  • Sitting quiet for a few moments just breathing in and reflecting.
  • Committing to a daily workout.  It clears out the cobwebs to be sure.
  • Scheduling coffee with a friend and talking about positive events, and not the news.
  • Take a walk about and connect with several of your neighbors. I did that the other day and met three other like-minded ladies who just wanted to let their hair down.  We all had belly-laughs like we haven’t had in years.  Do you have any idea how refreshing that was.  
  • Journal your day.  If you do it every night it will put closure to your day.
  • Whatever your belief system, spend quality time in the morning with your devotions.
  • Get 15 minutes of sunlight or fresh air every day, no matter the time of year.

As I look back on it, I wish my older self would have told my younger self to really look ahead.  When tough times hit, and we all go through them which is part of the human experience, they won’t be permanent.  Stay in alignment with your principles, live your life to the fullest, focus on your own mental health and at all costs STAY RELEVANT.

Your BoomerGal, Connie.

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