The Holidays Are Over and We’re Recovering, Sort Of

Now What???

Bring happiness into the New Year, and get rid of the January doldrums. Photo by Pixabay (Pexels)

“It’s a happy talent to know how to play”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t think for a moment the New Year doldrums aren’t a real deal.  There are articles after articles written on the January “blahs.”

When all the twinkly lights are taken down inside and outside and your home and neighborhood are bare from the holiday cheer along with the Christmas trees, wreaths, ribbons, ornaments and other special treasures are stored away for another year, you might just feel a bit empty and let down.  They say the holidays are the most happy and magical time of the year, so now what?

If you think about it, we’ve been partying since October, from Halloween to getting ready for the celebration of the holidays.  Shopping, delicious food and desserts, decorating, gatherings of the past several months, and now we use January as the recovery month.  

Here are several tips I use to help me get through the transition from the ramp up to the let-down.  

It’s never too early to clean up and plant your new garden. Photo by Greta Hoffman (Pexels)

GET MOVING.  Get invigorated.  Try a walk outside when the weather allows.  Clean up some of the yard debris from the latest rains and snows.  Doing something outside in the yard or your garden (even if it is frozen over) will give you a great sense of possibilities for the spring ahead.  You will feel good to know you have accomplished a chore or two all the while getting some exercise and fresh air.  This is a “two for one.”

It’s great exercise, usually badly needed to clear your walks, but be careful and don’t overdo it. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich (Pexels)

HEALTHY EATING.  Start by getting back into healthy eating.  Everyone I’ve spoken to put their healthy diets on the back burner.  We all do it and it’s probably OK during the holidays, but to continue it will bring you down.  You know you feel better when you eat better.  

Let that natural light into your home and brighten your days. Photo by Artem Podrez (Pexels)

NATURAL LIGHT.  Especially at this time of year with the shortened days and wintery/cloudy conditions getting enough light (good ol’ Vitamin D) is important.  I know from experience how important this is.  My BoomerGuy and I had four different homes in the Pacific Northwest and living there gives a whole new definition to lack of sunshine.  I had to break down and purchase a light bar from Costco to supplement my lack of sunshine.  Open your curtains and blinds and soak in the light.  

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude”

Cynthia Ozitk

Friends or family, it doesn’t matter. Just do it. Photo by fauxels (Pexels)

FOCUS ON GRATITUDE.  Think about what you have and not about what you don’t have.  Get involved with friends and organizations in your community.  Meet up with family members and share in the memories you created over the holidays.  Whatever you do, don’t become a hermit.  Get out and visit some of the stores you like and be kind to those you encounter.  Just think, you might even get kindness in return.

HOME PROJECTS.  Get off the couch and spruce up a space or two around the house.  It doesn’t need to be a full-fledged makeover, although it could be.  I love, love, love design and seeing renewed possibilities in large or small spaces are so refreshing.  Whatever your level of creativity is, go for it.  Some enjoy decorating, cleaning, cooking, organizing, sewing, painting, writing or sitting down with a good book.  If none of these float your boat, take up a new hobby.

REWARD YOURSELF.  Take time for you.  During the busyness of the holidays, we often put ourselves on the back burner because the can be so hectic.  Catch up on a good movie, turn off the outside noise, read a book or two, and even head out to the stores for a shopping trip for you, not others.  Now is the time when spring fashion arrives so add to your wardrobe or purchase some accessories for your home.  There are plenty of sales out there so take advantage of the deep discounts while they last.

VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS.  Your immune system has a tendency to get depleted during the winter months so add a few supplements where needed.  As always, make sure you check in advance with your doctor(s).

PLAN A TRIP.  Set out to explore.  It doesn’t need to be extravagant, even a weekend away to visit people you haven’t seen in a while.  Or if you feel really energetic, how about a cruise or guided tour to some international destination.  Dust off the passport and have a great time.  Even if these aren’t on your bucket list, go visit a place in your home town that you haven’t explored before.

It’s up to you how to live your life. For me, everyday is filled with boldness and gratitude. I never have the January doldrums. Photo by Anete Lusina (Pexels)

Hey Boomers and all other ages, it’s up to us to make it the life we want.  Get up and get out and hopefully you will enjoy January and all that it holds, but not the doldrums.  Stay RELEVANT and stay engaged, keep learning and move forward.

Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.  

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