Create Serenity and Your Dream Retreat

Your primary bedroom should be a sanctuary, calm and stress free. This one is on the modern trend. Notice the loveseat at the foot of the bed, the accent pillows, an interesting headboard, artwork above the bed, a grayish blue accent wall and the Roman shades that match the draperies.

My commitment to you is to provide creative suggestions for YOUR ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE.  Starting with your primary bedroom, whether it’s a redo, a DIY project, or new build, I think you will find these ideas helpful in accomplishing your goal.

Your primary bedroom is the first place you see in the morning and the last you see at night. 

Discover the perfect balance of comfort and style with my primary bedroom design ideas.  Your bedroom should be your ultimate retreat from the hectic world outside; it’s your refuge of personal style when you’re tired and seeking relaxation.

If you try to keep up with all the trends, you will surely find yourself in full anxiety mode.  You need to find that perfect design that fits your lifestyle and stick with it.

When it comes to designing your primary bedroom, you deserve nothing but the best.  Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate, and escape from the world.  In this blog I will explore several tips and ideas to help you create a wonderful and calm bedroom space that not only reflects your style, but also the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, for you only, or for you and your mate. 

Here is an example of French Country, mixed with a more modern bed, non-matching lamps but still add style, a tapestry with antiques and blush colors.

YOUR STYLE.  Undoubtedly the most important factor in creating your design is to know your style.  Whether it be French Country, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Farm-House, Boho Chic, Coastal Grandma, Southern Bliss, Tuscan and the list goes on.  One helpful hint if you’re lost or undecided, pull photos from Pinterest, interior design books and magazines to help you define your style.  Once you have the style in mind, then you can begin to select how you wish to proceed with the following.  

A soothing palette of grays and blacks accented with whites for a summer look. The Roman shades and draperies heighten the room by being installed at the ceiling. The wall behind the bed is filled with four artful pictures.

SETTING THE MOOD WITH COLORS.  Choosing the right color palette sets the mood.  Soft, soothing colors like cool blues, calming greens, and neutral tones.  They’re now calling these “mushroom” colors.  Consider using accent colors if you are going with a neutral palette.  The big trend right now is whites with blacks and creams with blacks.  I like to accent my bedroom with blues, teals, tones of light greens, and soft blush colors.  It can be done in a fashion of femininity or a complement to both genders, without offending either.  Think about an accent wall.  They can help change the design and personality of your bedroom instantly without the hassle of a full makeover.

If you prefer hardwood floors, this is a great way to place a rug under the bed. Also notice the ceiling treatment, the draperies hung close to the ceiling, the woven shades mixed with shutters, and a loveseat at the end of the bed. A lovely mix of textures, colors and styles. Photo by Dreamstime.
THIS BEDROOM IS NOT MY STYLE! This could have been a great space, but it is the wrong way to place a rug–too small on the sides of the bed. The accent color does not complement the floor color nor the draperies, and the side lamps are too small.

FLOORING.  This choice is pretty simple.  Most primary bedrooms enjoy the comfort of carpet.  This is especially true for those living in cold climates.  Getting out of bed in the cold of winter and feeling the warmth and comfort of carpeting under foot is usually more pleasant than wood or other hard surfaces.  In my case, I love Aubusson rugs because of their muted design and durability.  The look and feel on top of hardwood flooring is truly exceptional.  It is completely acceptable to angle your rugs adjacent to your bed and elsewhere.  The trend is a large rug situated under your bed to have sections extend out from the sides and end.  It gives style to your bedroom by throwing alignment and linearity to the wind.  Regardless of your choice, the carpet, hard surface flooring and accompanying rugs should complement the colors you have chosen throughout the bedroom.  

LIGHTING.  This is your chance to really make a difference.  Incorporate a combination of ambiance, task and accent lighting to provide versatility and control.  Consider installing dimmers on fixed ceiling lighting to adjust the brightness according to your needs.  Soft, warm lighting can create a relaxing environment, while brighter lighting is ideal for activities like reading. 

A beautiful start to a room. A great example of TV placement above a fireplace (be sure to check your local codes). Note the wall sconces and decorative chandelier. If you would introduce accessories, a rug for texture, and your personal touches then this room would be stunning.

FURNITURE PLACEMENT FOR OPTIMAL FLOW.  The way you arrange your furniture can greatly impact the flow and functionality of your bedroom.  Start by positioning your bed as the focal point, ensuring it is accessible from both sides.  Center a fan above the bed and center your bed between two windows for a cross breeze if your fortunate enough to have them.  If you prefer to have a TV, center a fireplace or dresser on the opposite wall and place the TV accordingly, above the fireplace (be sure to check your fire codes) or on top of the dresser.  For best viewing, it should be slightly elevated from the level of your bed pillows.  The hip trend today is to incorporate vintage pieces, either in their original stain or freshly painted black for grounding, so trot off to your local antique dealers and estate sales and add accordingly.  European antiques happen to be my favorite for their timeless look and value.  Be sure to measure first before you select your purchase.  

A fully carpeted bedroom with a tray ceiling done in a most tasteful way. Also notice the antique bed with side tables and lights, along with an antique bench at the foot. The color accents are neutrals with patterns, and the draperies are hung to the ceiling. This room could be grounded with a rug, rugs can indeed be layered on top of carpet and some artwork. Oh, and there’s a cute teddy bear to cuddle up with.

Next will come your nightstands, and of course they are placed on opposite sides of bed.  Built-in, remote-controlled lighting above the bed is super effective, but if not, place a lamp on each nightstand.   Or think outside of the box and install wall sconces above the nightstands on either side of the bed.  Make sure you have storage drawers for books and any other accessory.  If you have shelves, baskets are on trend for holding all your goodies.  Keep it nice and tidy.

And lastly, your seating areas.  I love putting a small sofa or loveseat at the foot of my bed.  Naturally, it serves as a place for you and your partner to sit, relax and reconnect, but also gives the bedroom a real sense of elegance.  Please don’t use it as a place to throw your clothing—that’s what closets are for.  If you have the space, then bring in a sofa along one of the adjacent walls, a love seat, and/or chairs are a great complement for both seating and style.  Just make sure their colors are in harmony with those you’ve chosen for your room.

A wonderfully decorative wall moulding on the wall behind the bed adds depth and character to your room, without spending a lot. And, notice the lighting is a bit different being suspended from the ceiling with wall remotes and dimmers. Photo by Max Rahubovskiy (Pexels)

TEXTURES AND FABRICS.  These are the visual interests you can bring into your style.  Consider layering different materials like plush rugs, cozy throws, and soft pillows to create that sense of luxury and comfort.  Mixing fabrics such as silk, velvet, and linen can add depth and sophistication to your space.  And probably the most important, choose high quality linens and bedding for the ultimate experience.  

If you can afford it, have bedding for seasonal changes.  Whites and lighter fabrics for summer, and velvets and slightly darker hues for fall and winter. 

Accent pillows in blue and “mushroom” hues in addition to a well-placed sisal rug and chaise. The bed is in a wicker that adds texture to your room along with woven woods and the draperies, and the three-panel triptic behind the bed. This bedroom also introduces greenery which is very soothing.
Shutters are good for light control especially in hot climates, and can be mixed with draperies. Once again the grays can be toned down with white bedding, floor moulding, and shutters also in white. Accented with black side tables, elegant pillows and headboard.

Don’t forget your window treatments.  Popular today are draperies hung near the ceiling to give the illusion of height.  An additional trend right now are woven shades layered behind the draperies, and curtains.  They are a fine alternative to plantation shutters or blinds, however if you prefer shutters, go with them.  They easily block out the sun during the day and you can get them in a split version, where the top half is separate from the bottom half for light control.

Vintage is big and on trend nowadays. Gold accents are in and an antique mirror leaning against the wall is not only chic, but also gives the illusion of a larger space. Just make certain your mirror reflects something beautiful. Photo by Molina Kovaleva (Pexels)
Don’t forget large pieces of antique furniture, which not only take up wall space but are great for storage. Notice the reflection in the mirrors.

PERSONAL TOUCHES.  This is your final statement.  A true reflection of your style and personality will be to add artwork, photographs, and sentimental objects that hold a special meaning.  Even candles (there are numerous choices of battery powered flickering candles that can add a great touch of serenity without the risk of fire) and perhaps aromatherapy.  Think about a stylish headboard.  If you have the luxury of a coffered ceiling, take advantage of mouldings and/or an alternative paint color to help make you feel truly at home.   If you don’t, consider your ceiling as another wall on which to apply woods, a different paint color, or a muted wallpaper and make it your own.   I call all of these my visual treats.

Your bedroom should be your personal oasis, a space where you can unwind, recharge, and find solace.  Take the time to plan and execute your design vision, and watch it unfold into the sanctuary of your dreams.    

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