Elementor #4301


Hello Boomers and to all others who have joined us in the past.  We’re back in full swing with a newly revamped website, much of which includes improved behind-the-scenes performance on your desktop and mobile phone. 

In addition, we have worked out several aspects on the Home Page featuring a new MENU selection.  It has been designed with a number of primary categories along with a variety of subcategories, all of which will offer you a complete chronological history of blogs pertinent to that topic, designed for quick access and for easy viewing. 


All you need to do is hover over the category and the list of sub-topics will appear.  Simply click on the topic of interest and read our informative posts.


Of course, if you wish, all of our 140+ blogs can be viewed by clicking on the BoomerGal Blog in the header.


A big note of appreciation to all of you who have weathered the delay in anticipation of our return.  And a special thank you to all the ‘Happiness Engineers’ at WordPress for helping my team through the technical aspects of our redesign.  Needless to say we’re happy they were there for us all along the way.

Our message remains the same and perhaps even stronger.  We are not controversial, rather we are here to inspire you to help make your life better with tips on beauty and style, health and wellness, hacks for projects around the house, and for bringing positivity and kindness into your everyday. 


We thrive so you can thrive and remain relevant.  Boomers have so much to offer from having lived a life full of unique experiences. 


Next week we will return with our weekly blogs.  And, again, thank you for hanging in there with us. 


Your BoomerGal Connie.