Fall is a Time for Reflection and Reinvigoration

“I once read that in a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike.  And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”

Paulo Coelho, Aleph

And so it is, we now find ourselves at the crossroads between the summer months and the beauty of the autumnal season, and soon the onset of the winter months.   Like the leaves in the forest, all of us are traveling down this path of life with different ideas, well-intentioned goals and objectives, and end-points.  Things are changing all around us, but there is one foreboding element that continues to make all of us feel stifled because we’re in the same boat.  That constant is the coronavirus; it has shaped our lives like no one ever thought possible, yet here we are, in the midst of a pandemic that doesn’t seem to be letting up.  So in one sense we are on separate journeys, but in another, we are all locked arm-in-arm managing our way during these times of the ‘new normal.’

Just try it, just once and see how it can transform your day.

I have talked over the past four weeks about mental fitness being a key ingredient to weathering this storm.  Some of the information in my blogs was pretty heavy, and I gave you a choice of whether to embrace my recommendations or not.  In the end, I firmly believe we have little choice than to be the best we can be and to fortify both our body and mind with healthy fitness.  

All that being said, I want to lighten up the dialog and I want you to sit back and enjoy the merits of your fitness routines and relish in what the season has to offer.  As the home page suggests, autumn is a time of both reflection and a renewed spirit.  

Let me help bring your senses to life.

TOUCH.  The “nip of coolness” in the air is envigorating.  Sample it in the mornings with your cup of coffee and in the evenings with your glass of wine.  Let the cool mist soften your face and hair.  

SIGHT.  During the day-time hours, let your eyes wander to the beauty of the fall leaves, and the wispy clouds overhead.  Take in the grandeur of the changing colors and the scope of what Mother Nature brings forth.

TASTE.  It’s time for apple cider and all things Halloween, which means a taste or two of your favorite chocolate.  

HEARING.  You’ve just got to take a moment and listen to the sounds of children trick or treating and running through the fields and bays of hay in the local pumpkin patch.  

SMELL.  There is nothing like the aroma of cinnamon, perhaps a stick in your favorite tea, along with other fall spices.  Don’t be shy, use them to regenerate and liven up old potpourri, then stick them in your closets and drawers for reminders of fall every time you open them. 

While autumn marks the beginning of the upcoming holiday season, before we get ahead of ourselves let’s enjoy the moment.  One of the ways in which I have found to enjoy the autumn months is to repurpose things in my closets and storage cabinets and bring them to life in the fall.  

Here is one such ‘repurposing’ idea that I try to duplicate each and every year.  It helps me transition from the summer heat to the fall splendor just by rattling my senses.  I take my flocked Christmas tree, bring it out of its hidey hole, shake it loose and fill it with fall colors.  I use a variety of leaves, branches and fall-like ornaments that I’ve acquired at places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels and locally with what Mother Nature provides. Then I give it a quick spray of fall spice and it no longer is a Christmas tree.  Of course, when the holiday season does approach, then I simply exchange the fall with Christmas decorations, and voila, it’s a ‘two-fer.”  One tree repurposed for two seasons.  Yeah.

In Southern California we’re able to mix the seasons with a variety of cactus

In addition, I use my wonderful assortment of very real looking pumpkins, scented candles, and a select few witches and goblins and place them generously around the outside and inside of the house.  It gives me a constant reminder of just how beautiful fall can be, with vibrant reds, golds, oranges, yellows and freshly colored greens, all with a bit of whimsy.  They all become a decorator’s best friend.  

You have to admit, she is one fine looking witch

Go with an assortment of fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s or Costco with sure bets for best pricing and selection.  Costco has large bunches that can be divided into a variety of vases you might have available.  If fresh flowers aren’t your thing due to allergies, then head to Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning for their artificial flowers to spruce up your kitchen table, end table and coffee table.  

Warm things up indoors by swapping out summer light-weight accents with fall hues and luxe velvets on coordinated throws and pillows and scatter them on your chairs and sofa, or even out on your patio.  

No guests for dinner—that’s OK.  Decorate for yourself.  Bring your dining table or nook into pleasant styles with simple additions of fall napkins, dinnerware, and fall’s favorite hues.

If you have a fireplace and mantel, set it as a focal point by using a blend of pine cones, oak leaves and decorative pumpkins.

Freshen up your front porch by removing your summer blooms with mums and ornamental grasses.  And don’t forget your front door mat with a cheery pop of color—make it seasonal with really good deals found at Marshalls and Big Lots.  

Here’s the point.  Yeah, we’re all in it together, this malaise of the pandemic, but it doesn’t need to dull our senses.  Use your mental fitness to reinvigorate your surroundings by using what you have and taking a moment each day to share your gratitude with family, friends, and neighbors.  Then let yourself be an inspiration to them by showing off your creativity and how much enjoyment you get out of it by putting fun and joy in your life.

I am your Number One BoomerGal, Connie, wishing you peace, prosperity, health and wellness during this extraordinarily difficult time.  

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