Calling All Seniors

Hey Boomers, Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade, the roaring 20’s.  Hope all of you are doing great.

As mentioned in our previous blogs, my BoomerGuy and I have been the support and the main decision makers for my senior-senior parents who are currently in their 90’s. Yes, that’s what happens when your parents entrust you to be the power of attorney on all matters associated with their lives.  With that, we will be sharing over the next several weeks and months the many factors we have learned managing my parent’s healthcare matters and their lives for the past seven years, all the while trying to keep your own life afloat.

At this time, we will be stepping away until next week to address some urgent nursing home and health related issues that seem to crop up on a more frequent basis as time marches on.

In the meantime, enjoy the new year and look for more insightful news next week.

There’s always something when dealing with the senior-seniors. What’s next?
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