I’m finally back from all the family duties that one encounters during the pre- and post-holiday season.  And my BoomerGuy and I  survived with only a few minor scratches and dents.   

So, here is the primary question, did you have a great Holiday?  We did!  We hosted company for 10 days of holiday cheer.  Our front entrance was like a revolving door with people coming and going at all times of the day and night.  Some stayed several days, while others were a whirlwind, in and out.  We finally dropped off the last bit of visiting company the evening of December 31st at the Palm Springs airport, and we are now just getting our life back to normal.  Whatever that is.  And yes, it’s January 13th.  My mother told me the only setting that’s normal is on the washing machine.  Too funny, but true because life can be a bit like laundry, messy and chaotic at times, but it can always be cleaned up.

Now we find ourselves in January and it’s time to reset our buttons, make changes, edit, start and hopefully keep goals and expectations in focus in the new year.  That’s a lot to think about yet alone do.  So, we venture out with our little list in hand, and either make adjustments or continue down the same path we have always followed.  

I experienced this a week ago when I ran into Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Target, Home Goods and Tuesday Morning looking for those fabulous post-Christmas deals.  Here in southern California the shelves are for the most part virtually empty, almost wiped out of Christmas goodies, and whatever remains was on sale at 90% off.  Just too many people here in good ol’ SoCal snapping up the bargains.  It’s almost like you can get into the parking lots, but you can’t get out.  

But here’s what surprised me.  The people out there were still shopping and making it feel like not wanting the fun to end this post-holiday season.  Everyone was in good cheer and wishing people they encountered a Happy New Year.  Yeah, they had their New Year’s resolutions, yeah they were looking at the tally on what they had just spent over the holidays, but no one seemed to want the season to end.  They didn’t want that solemn feeling of post-holiday blues to creep into their lives and ruin their joy,  So, my word to them, carry on good shoppers and enjoy January and all the gifts you want it to bring.

The Christmas gifts have been opened with many being returned (Ha), the Holiday decorations have come down and are back in their comfortable little boxes, the champagne flowed, the ball in times Square dropped,  and the pen and pad of paper are still on your desk with a few choice resolutions that you may or may not follow.  You dust yourself off and whatever the occasion and however you recognize and celebrate the New Year and New Decade, it is truly a time to take a moment and reflect on the past year, and to look forward to the excitement the months ahead will bring.

In my coming blogs, I want to share with you several very important issues as they relate to feeling good about yourself, focusing on diets that really work, health and wellness, knowing when to say goodbye to certain friendships and acquaintances, care giving for senior members of your family, and many other inspirational and hopefully sound messages that will make a difference in your life.

As Boomers, let’s make it a bang-up year:  Welcome to the Roaring 20’s

Oh, and don’t forget, YOU’RE STILL RELEVANT!!!

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