Here Are Several Tips for Saving $$$ 

Boomers, You Need to Get Ahead of the Supply Chain!

I have friends who can design and craft such beautiful pumpkin-art (GORGEOUS!), but it’s getting time to put all of it in the rear-view mirror.

In follow up to my blog last week on supply chain woes, it unfortunately continues to be a problem and one not solvable in the immediate future, which will most certainly impact our shopping activities for the upcoming holiday season.  We as Boomers and Seniors need to get out in front of this problem and not get bowled over by the masses as they start their holiday shopping spree.

I read that American consumers will spend over $10 billion just on Halloween.  Think about how that translates into what will be spent for Thanksgiving and then the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  

As the calendar goes, Halloween is almost in the rear-view mirror, only a few more days and then we have all those wonderful little trick or treaters at our front door.  

By this time on Monday, all the witches, goblins, and ghosts will be put away. Then it’s the time honored Thanksgiving Holiday that will be upon us. Photo by Monstera (Pexels)

In anticipation of upcoming holiday season, I will begin dismantling my Halloween spooky stuff after this weekend and get ready to focus on Thanksgiving.  I have my check list in place and my budget in line.  

We still have the pandemic to deal with, but I notice people moving on and getting back to their lives, as normal as we can make them, which is a good thing.

We have another issue ahead of us.  A shortage of goods.  If you happen to be hosting this year, please start early for the best deals and supplies.  Prices are rising and supplies are dwindling.

Bottomline, however, you will want to enjoy all the upcoming holiday celebrations with family and friends at all costs.  And you can do just that with these budget friendly “to-do” lists and tips.

Pull out your fabled dinnerware and set a more simplified table setting.
  • You need to begin assembling your Thanksgiving decorations.  Trust me, it’s not too early.  This includes your dinnerware and glasses.  
  • If you need to add anything to your decorating or dinnerware, start now.  Sales are virtually at all of the major outlets for fall items but be prepared for limited stock.  Hobby Lobby had the largest selection.
  • If you need drinking and cocktail glassware to compliment your table setting, I found it very difficult to find anything worthwhile.  I’ve been to all the stores such as Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, Marshalls and a few others.  You might want to “just get by” with what you have and not reinvest in new goods that aren’t quite up to your standards.  Also, you might try Amazon—they seem to have everything in stock.
Along with those invitations, get creative by using old wine corks and placing the names of your guests for seating.
Another grand idea for table seating is to repurpose your small pumpkins.
  • Even if it’s family or a few close friends, send out invitations.  That’s classy and what a thoughtful idea.  Be sure to get them out at least 2-3 weeks before your event and include an RSVP just to keep them involved and anticipating your event.
  • Before you even begin to plan a menu, make sure to set a reasonable budget that will comfortably accommodate your expected guests.  If you are asking your guests to bring a side dish, desert or other, be sure to set aside a safety net in case someone doesn’t show up or they fail to bring their side dish.  It happens…
  • Start checking with your local grocery stores as they are now beginning to run specials.  Thanksgiving related products are already becoming scarce.  Look for deals on non-perishable items.  
What a simple, yet elegant use of your fall pumpkins. Photo by Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)
Also, throw in some left over leaves and pine cones to boost your pumpkin design. Photo by Toni Cuenca (Pexels)
  • Repurpose your left-over Halloween pumpkins as decorations for your fall and/or Thanksgiving event.
  • Plan your menu.  Once you have established a rough number of guests and your budget, you can begin to craft your menu.  Make sure you pick a menu that will easily accommodate the largest of appetites and will satisfy the most selective of eaters, such as vegan.
You can also go over the top with your dinnerware, wine glasses, fine silver and linens to have a table setting of a lifetime. How fun.
  • Start looking at your decorations, linens, dinnerware, drinking and cocktail glasses and everything else you have stuffed away in cabinets and closets.  We pack all this away and sometimes forget exactly what we have.  Bring it out in advance of your event and get it washed and cleaned up so you’re not doing that at the 11th hour.  It’s part of your checklist.
  • And for your peace of mind clean space in your freezer for the turkey.  I’ve used frozen turkeys for years and they do save time and money.  But remember to leave enough time for the bird to defrost.  I was watching the news and they are now saying there is a turkey shortage.  If true, you better start now to locate your bird, otherwise you will have a fall back strategy which might include ordering a fresh organic turkey which is always a bit more costly,  ham, Cornish game hens, chicken, or beef brisket.
I’ve been told they’re getting scarce, so better run out and get your turkey today while supplies last. Looks good enough to eat!

We call the Thanksgiving dinner the ‘granddaddy’ of all meals, so I don’t want to overwhelm you just yet.  Look for more tips next week along with a further review of your check list and some definite crowd pleasing recipes.  

So the question I ask myself and all my readers, how in the world did the holidays get here so fast?  

Here’s another question for the ages. Your BoomerGal just turned 70 yesterday. Now how did that get here so fast? Anyway, I’m in good spirits and relatively good shape, so I’m signing off until fun recipes next week.

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