Seniors and Boomers Can Benefit Greatly from Nutritional Supplements

Read This…If You Suffer From Poor Gut and Digestive Health!

The aloe plant: the source of the greatest nutritional supplement for digestive health. Photo by Francesco Ungaro (Pexels)

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

BoomerGal took a break last week from our series on Health and Wellness to wish you all a Happy Labor Day.  Well, that’s now in the rear-view mirror and we’re back to re-focusing on Senior and Boomer health.

As mentioned, two weeks ago, so many people suffer from a malady called “poor gut health” especially us boomer and senior women.  It normally means a moderate to severe digestive condition where you experience frequent discomfort, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue and heartburn.  It indicates your intestines are having a hard time processing food and eliminating waste.  If you have chronic fatigue it may also mean you have an imbalance in the gut.

Finally, a nutritional supplement that brings relief to poor gut health. Photo by Kindel Media (Pexels)

So, what are your options.  Short of medical intervention, one can begin a regimen of dietary solutions.  Cleansing foods such as broccoli, spinach, kale, chard, almond milk, raspberries, blueberries, and oatmeal all have a colon cleansing effect.

An alternative, one we have found to be highly reliable and beneficial is through a nutritional approach using an aloe-based product called Aloe Ferox sourced from South Africa.  The Cape sun-dried leaves are ground to a fine powder and blended with the dried bitter sap for the most effective clearing of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and all other bowel issues associated with inflammation.  Aloe Ferox is safe for long-term use and is not addictive.  Aloe Ferox is an extraordinary multi-vitamin, anti-parasitic and bowel cleanser.  

BoomerGal is never one to promote a product without first having tried it personally.  Without question, Aloe Ferox is mild, non-habit forming, and works well beyond as described.  I tried this product several days ago in the evening before going to bed, as the directions stated.  It has worked wonders, providing comfort and regularity now into the fourth day.  One never knows if a supplement will work, but I can assure you this one does and is the best.

BoomerGal will soon be offering the complete line of products associated with Aloe Ferox as supplements to create an offering of nutritional health and wellness for seniors and boomers, and virtually anyone else who wishes to improve their health.  

The Aloe Ferox is packaged in Miron Violet Glass for maximum potency and freshness. Photo by Tara Winstead (Pexels)

There is nothing more powerful in the message of value add than through a testimonial, someone who has used the product(s) over a long period of time with measurable results and benefit.  See below.

A TESTIMONIAL from a contributing author who has intimate knowledge of the value and beneficial aspects of nutritional products and health.

“AFTER BEING DIAGNOSED WITH STAGE 3 UTERINE CANCER IN 2009, the shock of the diagnosis hit me like a brick, and the utter shock of not knowing if or how I was going to survive it all.  I had a family history of cancer with both my parents.  Everything seemed rather bleak at this point, but I’ve always been a fighter no matter the odds or the situation.  So off I went on this year long journey.  My doctors had planned to do two surgeries with months of follow-up chemotherapy and radiation.  I knew I needed some sort of miracle to help me through this one.

I realized in my heart I had to do something fast.  For years, I suffered with severe constipation, migraines and leaky gut with acid reflux.  At this stage I never put two and two together that all these symptoms and issues could be connected. There had to be a way healthier alternative to the typical over the counter methods to relieve constipation, which in my case nothing worked.  In fact they only made matters worse.

The cancer notwithstanding, I needed something that would intensely cleanse my bowel of all the toxic waste and debris clogging my gut, knowing full well that undergoing chemo and radiation would definitely make my situation even more serious.

I went on the hunt hoping to find a supplement that would do the trick!  Good timing being what it is along with a huge blessing, a friend recommended a natural aloe product from South Africa, which I ordered immediately.  Low and behold after the first night of taking the supplement before bedtime, the next morning, voila, relief, huge relief where my bowels worked like a dream come true.

I believed right then and there that I had found a miracle gut healing product.  Just merely after a couple of days, my bowel movements had changed dramatically, and I was going to the bathroom regularly and the headaches had subsided greatly.  Finally, I was having success with such an important aspect of my whole-body health, while in the back of my mind knowing I had to still embark on this unknown and very lonely journey.

I met with the oncologist who briefed me on what to expect with the treatments ahead.  To my total amazement, contrary to what we’ve always heard from doctors about taking nutritional supplements, I mentioned to him that I was taking a certain aloe product nightly to which his response was ‘absolutely continue what you’re doing.’

What a relief to know I could continue taking these supplements without causing interference or complications with any of my treatments.  I continued using the aloe with much success all the while going through chemo and radiation for many weeks.  I am certain that this played a huge part in my recovery, which will be in another segment forthcoming.

And, the good news, I’m still using this supplement to this day and was responsible for introducing it to BoomerGal and Connie for inclusion in their nutritional health and wellness informational blogs. What a great story, to be sure.”

Contributing Author:  Sharon T.

To all my wonderful Boomer and Senior readers who suffer from ill health and loss of energy caused by gut and digestive issues, why not try to get back that va-va-voom that we felt years ago.  We’re not doctors and have no interest in prescribing medications nor diagnosing illnesses to “fix what ails you.”  But we do share an interest in taking our health seriously and not for granted, and we will whenever possible augment our life style with nutritional supplements that have been tried with amazing results.  

Soon, you will be able to join the thousands of highly satisfied seniors and boomers using these proven nutritional supplements. Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev (Pexels)

Next week, we will be focusing on pH Salts, a special blend of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium designed to provide for maximum immune response.  I am currently taking this product to assist in the reduction of inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis.  More to follow.


Your BoomerGal, Connie.

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