Getting Back on Track:  Unraveling the Challenges and Finding Success

“All of Life is a PIVOT”

Life is full of twists and turns, and sometimes our goals can get derailed along the way.  Whether it’s due to unforeseen circumstances, unexpected challenges, family matters, friendships, business issues, or just day-to-day personal setbacks, not reaching our desired outcomes can be disheartening.  It’s important to remember that setbacks are a natural part of life’s journey, and how we handle them can greatly impact our overall success and fulfillment.  

All of my life, I’ve had to adjust to circumstances, some either under my control but many that were not.  Along the way I became enchanted with the word PIVOT because that’s exactly what I’ve had to do all these years to plan and brace for situations largely out of my control.  It’s called CHANGE.  

Here are just a few of personal pivoting examples.  In my design world, I constantly have to pivot to manage style changes, discontinued products, color trends, etc all to remain current and provide the best solution for my clients.  And then, the seasons come along every three months and require changes and modifications to accessorizing and decorating (interior and exterior).  And please don’t forget our website here at BoomerGal, we are constantly innovating to stay current with technology and reader approval.

It’s not whether to pivot, the choice is how and in which direction.  In other words, how can I be my best self.  

“When everything around you changes you gotta change to adapt.  Either you pivot and profit from the change, or you procrastinate and are then forced to eventually change.”


ASSESSING YOUR CURRENT SITUATION.  As with anything in life, before making any significant changes, it is essential to assess your current situation thoroughly.  Take the time to analyze and reflect on your goals, values and priorities.  Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to make informed decisions and identify areas that may require adjustment.

EMBRACING CHANGE.  Simply put, change is inevitable, so rather than fearing it, embrace it for everything it represents.  Be open to new opportunities that otherwise might have eluded you.  Experience and grow from them.  We all need to pivot at different times in our lives.  Don’t feel like you’re alone.  

SETTING CLEAR GOALS.  Once you have your situation in focus, it’s time to set clear goals, or adjust the ones that you have currently.  Make sure they are measurable, relevant and achievable within your timeline, and then pivot.  

CREATING A PLAN OF ACTION.  To effectively pivot, it is crucial to create a plan that defines how to achieve your goals.  Break down your goals into smaller, actionable steps. Then prioritize these steps and establish your timeline for completion.  If you follow these guidelines, it’s much easier to stay focused and motivated throughout your process of change.

CULTIVATING RESILIENCE.  Ah, the magic bullet.  How do you bounce back from setbacks and adapt to new circumstances.  Practice a lot of self-care, engage in activities that bring you joy, learn from your mistakes, and develop coping mechanisms to navigate challenging times.  Just remember, setbacks are temporary.

DEVELOPING A GROWTH MINDSET.  This means believing in yourself. Your abilities, your intelligence, and your surroundings can all lead to new experiences in  learning and personal development.  You might just take a path you never thought about and you’ll absolutely love it.  

EMBRACING THE JOURNEY.  Just remember, life is a journey and each change you experience serves a purpose in shaping your future.  Accept the unknown and adapt as best you can to life’s changes and remain open to new possibilities.  By nurturing positive mindset and implementing the strategies you choose, you can pivot successfully and thrive in the face of change.  

Just remember, change is the only constant in life, and by learning how to pivot effectively, you empower yourself to be the best you can be.

“To pivot your life successfully, you need a stable core and a strong standing leg.”

Laura Walker, Linkedin

Here at BoomerGal, we continually offer insights and inspiration to help you through the day.  And, yes, we have goals, we set them every week, and one of the most important is making sure we help you achieve YOUR ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE, whatever you choose it to be.  

I am your Number One BoomerGal, Connie, reminding you to stay RELEVANT and to continually reach for that brass ring.  

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