So, You Want to be Invited Back, Then Follow These Simple Steps 

The Holidays Can be Fun-Filled and You Can Help Make It Happen

The holidays are upon us and most likely you’re going to be invited to one or more events, including dinners and neighborhood gatherings, etc.  Because it’s time for that big Thanksgiving soirée, here are a few etiquette tips for being the perfect holiday dinner guest.  Embrace these ideas with your other events and you’ll be a smashing hit.

You’ve been invited to Thanksgiving dinner, and your host/hostess has put on an incredible spread. Step up your game and BE THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GUEST and show your appreciation.

RSVP PROMPTLY.  Let your host know that you’re planning to attend along with your arrival and departure times.  

ARRIVE ON TIME.  The worst thing you can do to your host is show up late…no one appreciates a grand entrance, like who do you think you are anyway.

DRESS CODE.  You know the occasion, the host and the affair.  So, dress appropriately and don’t embarrass yourself by either up or down dressing.  

RESPECT THEIR HOME.  Be mindful of the house rules and make sure you clean up your space before you leave.  Also be sure to treat their belongings with care.

BRING A THOUGHTFUL GIFT.  Don’t hesitate to bring a side dish to complement the meal, or a token of appreciation for the invitation.  If you know your host’s preferences, tailor the gift to their tastes.

OFFER TO HELP.  Once you arrive, offer to help with meal preparation, setting the table, pouring drinks, assisting in the kitchen or cleaning up.  You’re making points and your host will appreciate the gesture.  

MIND YOUR MANNERS.  Come on now, pick up your game.  Chew with your mouth closed, use your napkin, engage in polite conversation, avoid reaching across the table and be sure to compliment your host and show gratitude, even if no one else does.  TOAST YOUR HOST.  

ENGAGE WITH OTHERS IN MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION.  Try to show genuine interest in other’s lives and experiences, and be active in discussions without being overbearing, pompous or dominating.  

DEPARTURE ETIQUETTE.  When it’s time to leave, express your gratitude and again offer to help with any remaining cleanup.  Leave your space as you found it and thank your host for their hospitality before departing.

Happy Thanksgiving from BoomerGal.

All of these tips should be routine, but a brush up on etiquette is always welcome.  You’ll leave a positive impression and contribute to a warm and festive atmosphere.  And guess what, your thoughtful behavior will definitely not go unnoticed.  And guess what again, get ready for another invitation at the next event.  

All the best to you and yours this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday season and be sure to reach out and achieve YOUR ULTIMATE AND UNIQUE LIFESTYLE.   It’s yours for the taking.  Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.  

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