February is the Time to Focus on Cardiovascular Health

It is the Spotlight on Heart Disease, The Number 1 Killer of Americans

This is a Personal Story of Survival

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Since 1964, American Heart Month has been acknowledged as a time to educate Americans to join the battle against heart disease.  The month of February is dedicated to this effort, where we bring greater attention and awareness to the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.  

The following picture is what a heart attack survivor looks like—this is my BoomerGuy at 76 years old, seven years from having a major heart attack.

My BoomerGuy on “vacay” in Kansas City last October, looking stronger and better every day.

Right before this photo was taken, he had the WATCHMAN, a cardiovascular implant procedure to help improve his overall health.  It was performed on May 5, 2022.  The goal of the WATCHMAN is to take you off blood thinners, more on that in our February blogs.   

Please follow us this month as we are dedicating it to American Heart Month.  Learn about our story and become inspired to increase your awareness about heart health, high blood pressure, and what to do if you sense the onset of a cardiac condition.

We take our blood pressure almost every day at home. Get yourself a BP kit and keep a running diary of how you’re doing, then share it with your healthcare professional. Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev (Pexels)

Many times in life we can take for granted what and who we have right before our eyes.  

Not a day goes by that I am truly grateful for the work my BoomerGuy put into regaining his health in addition to all the love he continues to give me each and every day.

He is the love of my life, husband, best friend, and business partner in BoomerGal.

A special thank you to all who have touched our lives along this journey, especially his cardiologist.  

There will never be enough thank you’s. Photo by Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)
We had the absolute best ICU nursing care. Photo by Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)

Please share this blog with all your friends and family over this next month, including those who have suffered a heart incident or those who might be facing cardiac care.  It’s important for you to do the work before, during and after your heart health, which includes exercise, diet, finding the right doctors, treatments and healthcare provider teams.

Heart attack deaths claim over 697,000 people in the United States every year, that’s one in every five deaths.  (Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control 2022).  

February 3rd is National Women’s Heart Day and National Wear Red Day to bring even greater attention to heart disease as the leading cause of death among Americans.  

Your health and that of your loved ones is in your hands. Make the best of it. Image courtesy of ReminderMedia.

Stay RELEVANT in all you do, and please take time to become increasingly aware of your own heart health and of those who surround your life that you love and cherish.  


I am forever blessed, your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.  

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