Boomers and Seniors Need to Prepare for the Big Meal—But How Do You Do It?

The turkey is the prize at any Thanksgiving meal. Photo by cottonbro (Pexels)

“The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us.”

James E. Faust

Everyone here in southern California is stressed beyond belief with the approaching Thanksgiving holidays and customs.  This year it seems to have arrived so much faster than in year’s past.  From young to old that is the common comment.

Many young women I have spoken with are hosting their first ever Thanksgiving meal and are shocked how much work it entails.

My BoomerGuy and I most always have a checklist for all things we’ve done in life.  Thanksgiving is no exception.  It helps keep us focused.

I hoped last week’s checklist blog helped you in some small way to prepare for this glorious time of year.  

Setting the table is one of the sincere joys of celebrating Thanksgiving. Photo by RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

As I’ve said, this is the granddaddy of all meals so let’s get to the final week of your checklist.

  • Finalize what style and how many dishes your event will require
  • Order fresh flowers and pick them up the day before
  • Polish silverware or at a minimum clean thoroughly 
  • Buy wine 
  • Plan activities for your grandchildren
  • Check your seating arrangement
  • Clean the house and especially the kitchen and dining area
  • Child proof your house for those wonderful little grandchildren, and for any rowdy adults 
  • Move around any furniture to accommodate your guests
  • Finish prepping your linens, whether they be table runners or napkins
  • Tidy up your front entrance with fall and Thanksgiving decorations
  • Over the weekend, begin defrosting your turkey—follow the directions for the amount of time based on the weight of the bird
  • Prep for anything that can be frozen, but allow enough time prior to the big day to defrost everything
  • And the biggie, finalize your shopping list for anything that might be considered last minute items you need.  The best way to do that is look at each recipe and determine what’s required that you don’t have.
Photo by RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

The final prep will be Monday – Wednesday next week.

  • Shop for your perishables; and for a fun time, which is what this should be, visit your local farmer’s market
  • Make your pies or pick them up
  • Finish decorating
  • Arrange your fresh flowers
  • Make sure your can opener is working
  • Make cranberry sauce
  • Chop and prep veggies
  • Final spot cleaning
  • Put out clean towels in your guest bathroom
  • Set your dining table with a magnificent centerpiece—make sure all the glasses are spotless
  • Chill white wine and champagne
  • Set your final cooking schedule because the real challenge is getting all your food to come out of oven, off the stove and out of the microwave at the same time
  • And most important, take lots of photos and create new memories.

You’re as prepared as you can be.  It’s vital you enjoy the process because it only rolls around once every year, and it’s been almost two years since we have been able to celebrate with friends and family. 

The absolute magic of family at the holidays. Photo by RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

Now then sit back for a few minutes and marvel at the fact you’re ready for the big one.

And above all, please remember to give thanks.

“Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation to shower the world with love and gratitude. Forever on Thanksgiving the heart will find the pathway home. The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for. When I started counting my blessings my whole life turned around.”

Author Unknown

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. Photo by RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

As you might guess, BoomerGal will not be posting a blog next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We wish you and your families and friends all the blessings this time of year holds, and here’s to a most successful culinary experience.

Your BoomerGal, Connie.

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