Everyone I Know is Traveling Somewhere Over the Holidays–Are You Ready

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As you know, holiday travel can be an exciting but stressful experience.  Planning and preparation are key to ensuring a smooth journey and enjoyable vacation. 

The airport on a light travel day–just wait for the Holidays. Photo by Brett Sayles (Pexels)

PLAN AHEAD FOR SMOOTH TRAVELS—BOOK IN ADVANCE.  When it comes to holiday travel, it’s crucial to start planning early.  From booking your flights and accommodations and making arrangements for transportation, the earlier the better.  By booking in advance, you can secure the best deals, avoid the last-minute rust, and secure preferable seat assignments, unless of course you’re driving.  Tis the Season, Fa La La La La.  

PACK WISELY AND EFFICIENTLY.  Please don’t overpack for your holiday travel.  Pack smart and light and take into consideration the length of your trip.  The airlines will love you for your carry-ons, and you’ll stand a better chance of retrieving your luggage at baggage claim.  You’ll be so much more maneuverable catching your transportation and checking into your hotels or finding your way to the homes of family or friends.

Packing light and easy. Photo by Kindel Media (Pexels)

BTW, if you want double security for your checked bags, purchase a couple of Apple Air Tags.  Hide them in your check on luggage and you’ll be able to keep track in real time the exact location of your bags.  These are available on our Amazon store under Travel.  

CHECK YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS.  Double check your travel docs.  Ensure your passports, visas and identification are up-to-date and valid. 

STAY INFORMED ABOUT YOUR DESTINATION.  Familiarize yourself with the local customs whether they be here in the United States or abroad.  Research the weather conditions in advance of your travel and pack accordingly.  Stay updated with travel advisories and be sure to check if any vaccinations are required for your destination.

AVOID PEAK TRAVEL DAYS.  If possible, avoid peak travel days such as the day before or after a holiday or on the weekends.  By choosing less traveled days, such as a Tuesday or Wednesday, you can miss the long lines, crowded airports and heavy airport traffic.

PREPARE FOR AIRPORT SECURITY—ARRIVE EARLY AND BE PREPARED.  If you listen to the experts, they say to arrive early at the airports and train stations.  This will give you enough time to check in, go through security and find your gate.  Make sure you pack your liquids, gels and electronics appropriately…by doing so you will breeze through security with ease.  We usually arrive at the airport two hours before departure giving us ample time to sit comfortably at the gate with coffee, a snack and our reading material before we board.  

STAY FLEXIBLE AND PATIENT.  Traveling during the holidays can be hectic and unpredictable.  Delays and unforeseen circumstances may occur and so it’s essential to stay calm and patient.  Remember, all those around you are also trying to reach their destinations.  Relax and go with the flow.

PACK SNACKS AND ENTERTAINMENT.  Long flight or road trips can become tedious, especially during the holiday rush.  Pack some snacks and entertainment options such as books, movies, or music.  We always purchase a bottle of water once through security to make sure we stay hydrated on the airplane (do not drink the airplane water); we love the fig snack bars from Costco; and my BoomerGuy brings his music blend on his 20-year-old iPod where we can both listen.

I always find healthier is better. Photo by Bora C (Pexels)

OBTAIN ALL THE LOCATIONS ALONG YOUR DRIVING ROUTE FOR CHARGING STATIONS.  Talk about a new one.  Your road trip just got a whole lot more interesting if you’re driving an EV.  There are plenty of internet sources for checking the locations of charging stations so you can schedule stops to refresh your batteries.  Unfortunately, not all areas of the country have sufficient locations for charging, or they are not serviceable, so be sure to check in advance for alternate routes if need be.

I’ll take this drive any day. Photo by Athena (Pexels)

CONSIDER TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself in case of unforeseen events such as flight cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost baggage.  Read your airline policy carefully to understand what is covered and meets your specific needs.

STAY HEALTHY DURING YOUR JOURNEY.  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially during long flights.  You should also get up and move around the cabin to encourage circulation in your legs and arms.  Get enough rest before traveling and try to adjust to the new time zone as quickly as possible.  

RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY.  Above all, remember to enjoy the journey itself.  Traveling during the holidays can be a fun-filled, memorable occasion so sit back and take a bunch of photos.  The sights and sounds will fill you along the way.  Just embrace the holiday spirit.

Everyone I know is traveling sometime and somewhere during the upcoming holiday season, so do a little preparation and make your trip that much more enjoyable.  Drive, fly, cruise, train or bus, it doesn’t matter.  Make it memorable.

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Your BoomerGal, Connie.  See you next week.  Be sure to share our blogs with your friends and family.

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