Americans are a resilient bunch–we will return to normal!!!

“A mirror can reflect many different sides to one person, and we also each reflect differently against different people.  What you reflect within, however, is who you really are.  Stay true to your soul, reflect your inner beauty outward, and it will shine through into all you do.”

Wellness Pursuits

OK, Boomers, your lights are up and the trees for the most part are decorated, and the home is adorned in all of its festive splendor.  Now what?  You may be with family or you may be on your own due to the COVID-19 factor.  Regardless of your circumstance, keep the spirit alive for what the season is all about.

Stay positive and enlightened, and whatever you do,
believe in the magic of the holiday season

During this past week, I had the opportunity to speak with a number of healthcare professionals in hospitals and nursing homes, and I can tell you first-hand they are exhausted, both mentally and physically.  The demands placed on them over any given 24-hour period are extraordinary, yet they do not nor will not complain.  They feel it’s their responsibility to care for those stricken with this dreaded disease in addition to all the other maladies that may come their way.  However it is worth noting that they also feel it’s their responsibility to bring JOY and INSPIRATION to all their patients, especially during this season of hope and renewal.  

“You are so much more than what you’re going through.”

John Tew

What a great way to look at how KINDNESS gets passed around in this magnificent country of ours.  Even with all the strife we have experienced, we can still create a joyous holiday season.

We’re hoping and helping to keep the Christmas spirit alive,
so here’s wishing you and your family and friends
a very Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season

My BoomerGuy and I are usually the givers, helping out friends, family and neighbors without expecting much of anything in return.  But to our surprise, a neighbor came over to help install several sets of those wonderful icicle lights to the high pitches of our roof line.  In fact, he did it for several of the adjoining neighbors so that our street could be lined with joy to lift everyone’s spirits through the beauty of light.  While each house is different in design and color, there is a “oneness” that shines through, we’re all in this together and, together, we’re all celebrating the spirit of the holiday season.

The lockdown here in Southern California due to COVID-19 is substantial and quite painful, but we remain positive and diligent in our support of health and safety, and we’re all looking forward to resuming family gatherings around the dinner table, like days gone bye

This past weekend I received a call from a friend asking to take her to the emergency room, not once but twice.  Her husband had passed out earlier in the day and was being attended to by the ER staff.  I was happy to help out, but the visitation rights due to COVID are quite restrictive even for family members.  You could not go into the ER and wait, and you certainly could not go back to the curtained rooms to see your loved one.  To say the least it was rather chaotic, and we had to stand outside to speak with a nurse for any and all updates.  

They told us to return home and they would call with progress reports.  She got the call at 10:30 pm saying the doctor wanted to speak with her, so back we went.  We were escorted to an isolated wing and room where we waited for the doctor.  When you get that kind of call, you know deep down it’s probably not good.  After hours of waiting, we were notified that my friend’s husband did not make it.  All of a sudden, her life and my life changed in an instant.  She was totally in shock and numb to this kind of news, how could you not be, and there was no way she could have driven on her own so I was thankful that I could be there for her.  

In some small or big way this holiday season, I encourage you to go out of your way and be there for someone else.  We just finished sending out holiday cards and notes to all the nursing staff and hospice care givers who look after my parents in the nursing home, along with our own healthcare providers who have looked after us for many years.  You don’t need to write much, it’s always the thought that counts.  

BE KIND to others this holiday season, because everyone is carrying some burden in their life.  My friend is now carrying a new burden that she couldn’t have dreamed of several days ago.  We affectionately referred to her husband as Mr. Cool—he was one of the best bass guitar players in the world, as evidenced by the resounding response to his death by his colleagues who played alongside him for years.  

My BoomerGuy and I are going to continue to help our friend, Mrs. Cool, this week, and throughout this process.  So off we go…

“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.”

Leo Tolstoy

To all those living in snow country, especially those of you who are living on the east coast during this most recent storm, stay warm and enjoy the beauty Mother Nature gives us

If you recall, when we were growing up, the holidays were all about giving and sharing with family, friends and neighbors.  No matter how large or small.  Perhaps it’s time to ‘reset’ the button and give more of ourselves, not just this holiday season but through the entire year, as well.  You will be amazed at how much joy and peace you will receive—just try it.

Along with the hot apple cider and hot chocolate, please enjoy a few moments of merriment with your favorite holiday cocktail–remember, calories don’t count at this time of year

It’s definitely a cliché, but life is truly short.  It depends on how you wish to spend it.  From your Number One BoomerGal, Make KINDNESS, SHARING, INSPIRATION and POSITIVITY a theme for your life this holiday season.  

“Life is like a dance, with its twists, turns, pauses and spins.  You don’t always get to set the temp, but you do get to choose the moves.  And, if you so choose, you can take the lead anytime.”

Wellness Pursuits

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