How Boomers and Seniors Learn to Love on Valentine’s Day

Good day all Boomers and seniors.  Two more days until Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  The real count down is on.

Love and L’ Amore—we all strive for it.  It could be with a life partner, husband, boyfriend (yes, I have senior girlfriends with boyfriends after the death of a spouse or divorce), and for all you BoomerGuys out there, it could be your wife, a girlfriend, or significant other.  In all of my blogs, I never try to exclude you BoomerGuys.  We seek love from family, grandchildren, good friends, and our wonderful pets.  We all want it and we can all use it.  

“Love is What Makes the World Go Round,” a song by Deon Jackson released in 1994.  How about googling that to get inspired.

Everyone needs love and we want love.  BUT, and hear me loud and clear, you have to give it to get it.  You really have to extend yourself to have it come back in life.  Go out and make someone feel extraordinary.  This week I gave to a few good friends, my BoomerGuy, my parents in the nursing home and a few of the exceptional nurse caregivers.  Just the joy in their faces when I showed up with a few little treats of chocolate, some candy hearts, and a card or two.

I know Valentine’s Day is about flowers, candy and soft cuddly toy bears.  But mine is all about heart.  My best friend, my BoomerGuy, partner and my husband of 35 years had his heart stop 3 different times, an incident which took place a little over 4 years ago.  He is the strongest man I know.  He is a fighter and survivor and he does everything everyday to stay relevant.  My BoomerGuy is a 1%’er who had and survived this kind of heart attack.  We will go into this more in depth in a later blog, “How to ‘thrive and survive’ After a Major Heart Attack.”

I’ve been lucky, blessed, and truly fortunate to have love in my life.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for it, but when it came knocking, I seized it with all my heart.  I have a partner who loves me and I share the same feelings toward him.  I’ll try not to gush too much and go on and on about this man.  But I love him more today that when we first met 36 years ago.

We always try to make each other feel liked and loved in some little way each day, but especially on Valentine’s Day.  And yes of course, we’ve had our ups and downs, but then who hasn’t?  As I mentioned earlier you have “to give to get” in all relationships.  

My BoomerGuy is truly a unique person.  He’s been retired three different times.  He was a corporate guy for 35+ years, and his last venture was when he started his own energy company along with two partners about 10 years ago, and now has been my partner in this endeavor, BoomerGal, where we are inspiring seniors of all ages.  He always wants to stay relevant as a Boomer and senior, and he has the heart to do so!

Make your day memorable by showing someone who makes you feel special just how exceptional they are to you.  We are your BoomerGal along with her BoomerGuy giving you greetings for Valentine’s Day where our hearts and good thoughts are always with those of you who follow us.

Love your life, love others who love life, and stay relevant!

“Love grows more tremendously, full, swift and poignant as the years multiply”

By Zane Grey

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