Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror, I wanted to take a moment to thank my BoomerGuy, who without him my parents and myself would not be thriving as we are.  Bill made the most wonderful Thanksgiving meal, we then packaged it up and hand carried it into the nursing home in an old, large Marie Callenders’ holiday take-out box.  He cooked 9 different courses including pumpkin pie and piping hot Starbucks coffee, and served up the feast for my parents they will not soon forget.  Wow, what a meal, what a guy, and what a treat.

OH CHRISTMAS JOY!  It’s time to kick it into gear with the Christmas holiday almost upon us. 

Currently, we are travelling back and forth between our home in Temecula, CA and my parent’s house which is located in a senior development close to their nursing home, about 90-minutes apart.  Since the sisters, brothers-in-law and other relatives are coming to spend time with the parents, we decided to camp out at the folk’s house rather than dealing with the stress of holiday traffic and the large crowds by going back and forth.  

Now to decorate the little house with all the Christmas trimmings, that is, not to over decorate it, but make it charming and enchanting.  It is slightly less than 1300 sq ft, and perhaps some of my decorating ideas will help you if you’ve downsized, live in a senior community, apartment, or like us, inherited your parent’s house.  I will be introducing simple and inexpensive decorating ideas in our upcoming blogs that will inspire you and turn your holiday into a wonderland.  I always start out simple, but then quickly get in the mood while pulling out treasures from numerous boxes tucked away in long-forgotten closets.  Hearing a Christmas tune or watching a Hallmark holiday movie gets me in the spirit, what gets you inspired.  In the joy of it all, I have to keep in mind there is a lot to be done in just a short time, attempting to make this little house festive, yet not get into overload.

Do what you need or want to get inspired into the feeling for the most wonderful time of the year.

I always reflect on a saying I was tagged with a long time ago by friends and family, “if it doesn’t move, decorate it.”  For me, that is so true.


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