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Ever since I was a little kid my passion for drawing and painting showed; mainly on the walls of the house where our family lived..but hey!

Growing up in the Netherlands, and with a dad, a master carpenter and also passionate about art, you get dragged to museums and art galleries – a lot. And in Holland – they have some good stuff to get inspired by: Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Bosch, Willink and Mondriaan ..Marvelous artists .

Having travelled all over the world; inspiration comes from many places, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, but not in the least where I laid down my hat for the last 17 years – Southern California. As you will see my work reflects those places and people, often mixed with my love for cities, movies, pop culture, music and especially classic rock.

When Connie and Bill asked me to do some work for the BoomerGal website, little did they know that I transitioned from a graphic web-designer to an almost full-time visual artist. I wouldn’t put myself in a box as a painter as such, since I use many forms and techniques when creating my work. Oil, Ink, Aquarelle, Charcoal. Brushes, Pencils, Pens, Palette Knives, Airbrush and yes, also modern tech like digital painting with a drawing tablet and drawing monitor. Often those techniques get mixed to get the desired result, and when it is a commissioned piece, many times it’s the customer who decides what style, color scheme and technique to use.

I do commissioned work, following the customer’s wish, but I also publish my non-client art, which is for sale here. Have a look below to get an idea what I do, different styles, different techniques, different strokes.

I will definitely keep you up to date here from time to time, and if you have any inquiries you can email me at or visit my [always under construction] website:

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Maarten.

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