OK, Boomers, we’ve had some pretty intense blogging over the past three days, now it’s time to move from the drippy to the zippy.  You’ve been doing for others since the holidays, now it’s time to take a breather and do for yourself.  The big weekend is fast approaching and you deserve to have some fun and relaxation, even if you might be preparing a foodie explosion for Sunday’s game.  

The beautiful city of Miami, home to Super Bowl LIV

It’s Super Bowl LIV in the beautiful city of Miami—what a great exhibition of lights, food, salsa, and weather.  If I was going to play football, that’s not a bad place.  Unfortunately the ticket prices are a bit out of my reach, so I’m quite content to lounge around here in southern California soaking up the sunshine and warm weather.

This game is particularly meaningful for my BoomerGuy and I.  He is a die-hard Chiefs fan.  He spent 10 years in Kansas City following his undergraduate schooling and was there when the Chiefs won their only Super Bowl, IV, 50 years ago.  He went to almost every game when they were playing in the stadium on Brooklyn Street, of course now they play in Arrowhead Stadium which opened in 1972.  He was a member of the Wolf Pack.  A bunch of rowdy guys that were nothing but fanatic supporters of the Chiefs.

Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City

He was also known for hanging out with several of the players like Bobby Bell, Buck Buchanan, “High Steppin” Otis Taylor, Ed Podolak, and a few others.  But nothing can compare to my history.

Me on the other hand, I have been and am a 49’ers fan, especially when we lived in the Bay Area and even now here in SoCal.  I was involved in an auto accident and was recommended by my doctor who just happened to be the 49’ers physician, to work out with the team as part of my rehabilitation.  The reason was in order to rehab my back which had been damaged and eventually fused, the abdominal muscles had to be strengthened.  What better way to do that than with a bunch of football players who do ab strengthening as a daily routine. So guess who my hero is, yep Mr. Joe Montana.  I worked out side-by-side with these hunks for a number of months until I could beat them off the line of scrimmage and bench press more.  Ha.  Now that is way too funny.  

Home of the 49’ers–Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA

I can’t tell you how interesting and rewarding it was to workout with these guys.  They were giants, but ever so gentle with me.  Montana was such a hero that when I went to a charity auction once in San Francisco I ended up winning one of his treasured signed Hall of Fame helmets with my highest bid.  I even wore it around the house one day.

So, watch the fireworks fly this Sunday.  We’re going to have our traditional Super Bowl diet of guacamole and chips, baked brie, spicy chili and grilled bratwurst and plenty of select beers and martinis.  Our guests will enjoy every minute, especially if their team wins.

What are you doing for the big game.  Friends, family, co-workers, a special someone.  Whatever it is, make it the best and enjoy the party, even if it’s just one or two people.  

Your #1 BoomerGal and BoomerGuy signing off for the weekend.

Go 49’ers!  Go Chiefs!
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