Celebrate a Holiday of Love With Your Special Someone

Hey, It’s Only Two Weeks Away—Not Too Early to Get Ready

Not wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day just yet, but we are reminding you it is only a few weeks away. Photo by allekasana (Pexels)

It’s almost February and you know what that means.  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  You need to prep now in advance to make it a special and memorable occasion with your wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners and friends.

This is the day to cherish the ones who give you hope, joy and LOVE, and for you to return the favor.

“You never lose by loving. You only lose by holding back”

Barbara De Angelis

Get your list ready–don’t wait until the last minute. Photo by Lum3n (Pexels)

Here are several tips and ideas on “what to do, what to do and what to do” to make your day special in every regard.  My mantra—get started now because the shelves with all those Valentine goodies will soon be depleted and dinner reservations are getting harder to come by.  

Make those reservations now for that memorable dinner for two. Photo by Georgie Devlin (Pexels)

If you’re single, divorced or widowed reach out to your friend base and show them how truly wonderful they are.  Call it a “Valentine’s Day for Friends.”  You could host a dinner and have your invitees bring their favorite food.  Be sure to supply plenty of delicious beverages.  Or, you could simplify greatly and host a movie night with popcorn and lots of chocolate and champagne.

Make a happy meal with your children or grandchildren.  Start off with a heart shaped pancake for breakfast, followed by lunch with delictable sandwiches and cookies in the shape of hearts.  You can always try candies with an exchange of Valentine’s cards.  Those multi-packs of cards are perfect. Give them to the kiddos early in the day and they can have time to fill them out then share.

Regardless of who you share Valentine’s Day with:

Write them a love letter.  Do it the conventional way with pen and paper.  You can almost bet they will keep it folded and stored in a special place.

Flowers are just great, but also is a single rose.  You pick the color.  It is still one of the most romantic things you can do.

A big hug first thing in the morning and a warm Valentine greeting saying how much you love them.  Please don’t forget this simple gesture.

There are never enough balloons. Photo by Kristina Paukshtite (Pexels)

One big heart balloon is all you need, or three.

Gather supplies to put in a gift basket of your loved one’s favorite foods and snacks.

Make a dinner reservation at your all-time best restaurant or one that you both have wanted to try.

Come on guys, it’s your turn to prepare that romantic dinner. Photo by Gary Barnes (Pexels)

Make a romantic dinner at home.  Guys should do this also.

Go to the movies or stream a movie and record on DVR ahead of time.  Don’t forget the nibbles and your favorite libations on hand.  Cozy up together and turn off your phones.  Enjoy the downtime.  

Date Day.  Do things you haven’t done in a long time and just take the time for the two of you. Browse a bookstore, visit a museum, pick a great place for lunch, or just take a walk in the park.  Then watch a sunset.

Snow flakes and candy. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023. Photo by Jill Wellington (Pexels)

Cards and Candy.  These thoughtful and yummy goodies are always welcome.

Remember these. They’re still as popular as ever. Photo by Molly Champion (Pexels)

No matter what you end up doing, make it quality time with your partner.  Get creative and start now making plans for those who are special to you.

You’re never too young to share your love. Photo by Jill Wellington (Pexels)

For me, I just love spending time with my BoomerGuy.  We’ve had big moments and those expensive gifts.  A number of years ago he bought me a big red heart out of Baccarat crystal which to this day I always show off on Valentine’s.  We’ve gone to the best restaurants and had to stand in line with or without reservations, so that can be kind of hectic.  The most memorable times are a fun day doing whatever we want, with nothing special planned.  No errands, no time schedules and we just wing it, then end up with a private, romantic evening at home with our favorite foods and drink.  By the way, our phones are turned off.  

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Charles Schultz, Cartoonist

Stay engaged and stay RELEVANT.  I’ve already got my shopping list for all those things meant for that special day of love.  I hope you’ll do the same.

Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.

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