The Christmas Count Down For Boomers And Seniors

And What To Do About All That Stress?

The Holidays are here–the countdown has begun. Photo by Brigitte Tohm (Pexels)

Okay, the big day is almost upon us and I bet you still have some last minute gifts to buy.  What do you do when Santa is only five days away from rockin’ your rooftop.

This is what Santa looks like here in southern California

There is the quintessential online shopping avenue with such places as Amazon, Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Staples, and many others.  That is, assuming you can order and get your delivery fulfilled in less than a week.

Short of that, my BoomerGuy and I love Trader Joe’s.  Their stores are popping up everywhere.  Currently, there are over 569 stores in 42 states, with more scheduled to open in 2023.  So, if you happen to live in a location where there is a Trader Joe’s, this blog is for you.  It is a true Christmas gift giving solution.

Trader Joe’s flowers are the best, all year long.
Whether you’re shopping for adults or the grandkids, you can’t beat their candy selections. Be careful, some even have a rum and bourbon filled center.
A nice diversion while you’re shopping. Then you can purchase some of their specials, especially champagne.
Think outside the box with this one.
Or this one.
And then here are the real stocking stuffers. You haven’t lived until you try their Stroopwafles.

Who doesn’t just love them once you have stepped into their shopping experience.  The price point is excellent on virtually all of their products and the quality is fantastic.  Here are just a few of the goodies you can pick up and place in a fantastic gift bag surrounded with tissue paper.  Remember, don’t give a smarmy looking bag, the presentation is as important as the gift itself.  

This is what I mean by an outstanding gift bag presentation. Photo by Matthias Cooper (Pexels)

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift from TJ’s.  However, if you are in doubt or don’t know what to buy, simply get a gift card and let whom ever do their own shopping.  Frankly, taking the time to gift from Trader’s is so much more gratifying than doing it online.  

Now that I’ve given you the super-duper ideas for your last minute shopping, here are a couple of tips to help you de-stress for the holidays.

EXERCISE.  I’m not talking about joining a gym, just take a walk to clear your head.  You’ll be amazed at how invigorated you feel.

GIVE IT A BREAK.  Step away from what you’re doing and give your mind a break.  Put on some soft relaxing music, simple meditation or a short nap.

LAUGH.  A lot!  Seek out a funny comedy on the TV or YouTube.  Go to the internet and find hilarious jokes and quips to make you laugh out loud.  

Christmas can be the most beautiful time of the year, but for some the most stressful.  

Remember, nothing is perfect.  The pursuit of perfection is paved with disappointments.  Love, family and community can sometimes be very messy.  Life can never be perfect, let go and enjoy what it has to offer along with the mess.  

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and here’s to a celebration of all other religious holidays at this time of year.  

Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.  Be sure to stay RELEVANT and make the most out of your life as you deem it to be.  We’ll look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

From BoomerGal to you. Photo by Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)
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