The Trials and Tribulations of the COVID Holiday Season

BOOMERS!  Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

I’m sure you have either read about or seen on TV the new restrictions being placed on Californians, particularly here in southern California where we have witnessed a rather significant spike in the number of coronavirus cases.  Most will attribute the rise to the post-Thanksgiving gatherings that occurred but were not supposed to occur.  And now they’re predicting the same results post-Christmas and New Year’s.

Whether you call it the second or third ‘wave’ these are quite trying times for Americans and people all around the globe.  These new “lock-downs” are coming at a time when we’re all used to prepping for the joyous holiday season: shopping at will, dining in our favorite restaurants, gathering for parties, and celebrating the season with family and friends.  These new impositions have once again created long lines outside retail outlets, closing all in-room dining, severely reducing outdoor dining capacity, and limiting gatherings of any kind.  It’s a burden that requires a completely new set of rules and lifestyle to manage your way through it.

I am not here to argue the validity of such actions, but I am here to argue on behalf of preserving the holiday spirit.  As you know from countless blogs here on BoomerGal, I am one to spread positivity and inspiration at all times throughout the year, but especially during our Christmas and New Year’s events. 

Earlier this week, my BoomerGuy and I had to make the very tough decision about not attending our traditional, family Christmas celebration, where normally there would be anywhere from 10-15 people dining and opening gifts.  How in the world could you go and not hug and kiss the “wee-one’s,” the grandkids and great nieces and nephews.  We just felt at our age it would be better to excuse ourselves, and as it has turned out, those family members coming in from out of state have also decided to cancel—no airplanes, no road trips, and no hotels.  So, with that most of our family and perhaps some of yours, as well, will be spending time on their own.  As you can imagine, this will a different holiday for many of us, but I can guarantee you it will not be a BLEAK ONE. 

And why you ask.  In my humble opinion, there is so much you can do to put a ton of enjoyment into the holidays even with this restrictive restart.  When in doubt…DECORATE.  Get off your duff and pull out your seasonal decorations and brighten the inside of your home, and if you’re bold the outside as well provided getting  on a ladder is not too daunting and weather permits.  Look at what these people did to their homes in our senior development.

This desert-scape gives a whole new definition to Frosty the Snowman
Did these folks have a little help, probably, but it was entirely their inspiration and creativity

I started my decorating projects just after Thanksgiving and have just now completed them, with a little extra effort since we will not be attending the family gathering.  I can sit back and marvel in their beauty knowing this was an entirely self-serving effort but worth every minute and sore muscles.  It’s especially meaningful since we will be by ourselves this entire holiday season.  

Now there’s one other factor you will need to consider—and that is, preparing your gifts, getting them wrapped, and the biggest dilemma, getting them delivered.  In our case, we used both on-line and in store shopping to purchase our gifts, and once we had them wrapped and ready to go, we then had to change plans since we wouldn’t be delivering them in person.  So, it’s off to Michaels and Marshalls again for brown paper wrapping and larger gift boxes, and then standing in line at the local postal service to mail everything to our wonderful and very understanding family.

Yes, it’s different, but definitely rewarding.  I’ve had the time of my life decorating and preparing my gift deliveries.  I made the effort, and that in and of itself is one of the most gratifying experiences there is.  My message to you this holiday season, choose to do it regardless of how simple and funky or over-the-top elegant you make it.    

Please enjoy some of my favorite photos and ideas to get you started.

Just had to share this–little booties for our 4-month old great nephew which have been packed and shipped off to Colorado along with a lot of other goodies.
I did a lot of this, then rewrapping so the postal service would accept it and deliver
You can go as simple as this, just to bring in some cheer.
This is not one of my creations, but I just had to share it–what a great funky design–see anything goes at this time of year
A truly elegant design–definitely a great deal of cost to put this together. Not one of mine, but I have four just like it scattered throughout my house.

Now let’s celebrate and try to stay off Santa’s naughty list…

And instead stay on his nice list.

Happy Holidays from BoomerGal.

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