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I’m here to help you create YOUR ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE, because I feel everyone deserves to have their own ultimate lifestyle to savor at any time of your fabulous life.  Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so we need to make the most of it and on your own terms.

My passion has always been interior design and with great fortune I have worked with some of the foremost designers on the West Coast, before branching out on my own. It has kept me busy for almost 50 years.  Then I decided to launch BoomerGal.  It was at the outset of the pandemic, and we felt our country was in dire need of inspiration and hope. 

Since then, over 2 ½ years and 180+ blogs later, my team and I continue to create messages of inspiration, health and wellness, leisure, and mindfulness based on so many of our life’s experiences.  We wanted to share openly from our own personal journey and did so with focus on boomers.  Simply put, we were flat tired of being “looked through” because of age.   The BoomerGal message:  We’re still active, still thriving, and we’re still RELEVANT!

My BoomerGuy is my biggest gift in life.  He is a heart attack survivor.  A second marriage for us both, and we’re going even stronger after 38 years.

We also introduce Boomergal Art, featuring the incredible artwork of our web designer. Martin’s work varies from portraits, abstract and surreal artwork. His work is available as prints, but commissioned work is possible too. You can visit his website here to have a look at the variation of styles and techniques he uses.

All three of us have lived extraordinary lives with so many diverse experiences.  As content curators, we share it all here at BoomerGal for your enjoyment.  You’re never too young to learn from us boomers, and never too old to continue prospering.  And guess what, you’re invited to be a BoomerGal content contributor sharing your life story, as well.

Our blogs are quite sensational, so be sure to join BoomerGal as we design YOUR ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE together with you!

 We at BoomerGal believe every person has a story worth telling, and we want to be the site that gets to hear that story.  If you have an incredible life’s story, a culinary treat, a DYI, art project, travels, interior design, or anything else that excites you, please let us know.  We want to hear how you feel about your life—what is your inspiration and aspiration, what’s going well, and what you’ve done to change your life for the better. 

Please submit your article and photos/videos at our Contact Us page for review, and when appropriate we will publish them for all to enjoy!

Your Number One BoomerGal, Connie.

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