About Us

All you Boomers out there have gotten to know us pretty well over the past three years since we’ve been sharing our stories of health, wellness and inspiration.  Even with that, we felt it wasn’t enough…we wanted to share more about who we are.  So here we are, The “New” About Us.

I am your official BoomerGal, Connie, who is turning 72 this year and enjoying life to the fullest with my special BoomerGuy, Bill, who also has a birthday where he’ll be turning 77. YIKES!  I married an older man.

Aside from my involvement in our BoomerGal website, I have quite a wide range of interests and passions.  I started my career in sales and marketing for a notable medical device company and had a side-hustle of interior design.  When I was growing up I would decorate anything I could get my hands on, and it carries forward today.  Although I’ve slowed down a bit I still enjoy the thrill of taking on projects where I can bring distinctive value to my clients, share a sense of my style, all at a sensible price.

As a complement to my design business, I love to entertain.  Bill was the consummate corporate guy who ran several healthcare companies, and as a result, that gave me the opportunity to host both small, intimate gatherings and larger full-scale presentations at our home.  One time I did have to borrow my neighbor’s oven to handle the overflow baking—too funny.  

That brings me to my/our cooking escapades.  Cooking is a passion for which I love to excel, but not always.  Ha.  My mother and my high school “home-ec” class helped craft my abilities.  I am certainly not culinary trained, but I can hold my own with the best of them.  My recipes are one of a kind, and unless I write them down, they’re forgotten to the taste buds.  My BoomerGuy is the grilling expert, and recently shifted from direct fire over the grate to a cast iron griddle and upped his game a notch by doing so.  I’ve got them covered inside over the stove and he has them covered outside on the grille.

Aside from all the glam, I’m an outdoor girl at heart, with all there is in hiking, biking, fishing, and virtually anything ending in “ing.”  For me, the beauty of mother nature is unparalleled and I so enjoy breathing it in while creating vivid memories.

My BoomerGuy is my biggest gift in life.  He is a heart attack survivor.  A second marriage for us both, and we’re going even stronger after 38 years. 

He is the “we” behind BoomerGal and has taken over the responsibility of our web design since our web developer decided to change careers.  For us non-techies, there is a bit of a learning curve, but we’re adjusting and implementing and making BoomerGal the most inspirational site for Boomers and Seniors in the market.  And no matter what life throws at us, we remain INSPIRED and RELEVANT in all that we do.