Boomers:  it’s that time of year when the old adage of “you better watch out” means more than just keeping an eye out for Santa.  It also means being diligent and alert with your surroundings, because the bad guys are out there preying on all of us boomers and senior citizens while we’re distracted with the happenings of the holiday season.

It is a truly hectic time of year, when you strive to get a somewhat decent parking spot and trot into your favorite store, and then back out again with an armful of gifts and bags.  Please note, at this time you are particularly vulnerable to being accosted by people who would love nothing more than to distract you and steal your goodies, not to mention your automobile.

My BoomerGuy and I were out at the Citrus Shopping Mall in Redlands, California the other day and there was a small canopy erected and staffed by the Redlands Police Department.  They were handing out not only advice to all of us shoppers, but also these little placards describing what you should do to prevent theft, of any kind, with particular focus on your automobile.  

Theft prevention handout from Redlands Police Department

While you are dining, shopping, having cocktails or just scurrying about chances are you might be somewhat frenzied to fit it all in, but for certain you more than likely took your eye off the ball, and could be easily victimized by crime.  At least that’s what the fine officers from Redlands said, and that is a definite “no-no.” Be vigilant and be aware.

Since it’s probably difficult to read the photo, here are several helpful tips to follow this season, but it would be wise to follow them all year long.

  • LOCK IT OR LOSE IT:  Get in the habit of locking up every time you leave your vehicle.
  • KEYS ARE KEY:  Take your keys with you every time, and do not leave a spare stashed on the car.
  • STASH THE GOODS:  Do not leave items of value in the car such as your cell phone, laptop, GPS, etc.  And place your gifts and other purchased items in the trunk.  
  • INVEST IN SECURITY:  Get an alarm, a tracking device, or kill switch.  They may lower your insurance premiums.
  • PARK SMART:  Always park in a well-lit area near others, it’s best for you and harder for the thief.
  • KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS:  Be aware of people loitering or following you.  Just take sensible precautions.

I highly recommend looking into your neighborhood crime statistics, which can be found at:  www.crimemapping.com, provided your law enforcement department subscribes to this service.

This is your BoomerGal looking out for your well-being this holiday season and throughout the year.  


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